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Snowshoe Chic

Snowshoe_Chic 1

I’m SO sick of snow! We keep getting more and more every week (I think its snowing right now) and we’re finally resorting to pushing snow into the ocean now that its getting to be too much for us in the street! I tried to be optimistic and use the most recent 12″ of added snow as an opportunity to try out my new snowshoes. I scaled the 6 foot snowbank in front of my house and if it wasn’t -1* outside I would have stayed out longer! However, I’m pretty sure that Snowshoe Chic is now a thing. #snowshoechic

Hat: Nordstrom / Ski Goggles: Oakley / Jacket: DKNY, old (similar) / Pants: Zella
Snowboots: Sperry / Gloves: North Face / Snowshoes: Christmas Gift (similar)

Snowshoe_Chic 2 Snowshoe_Chic 3 Snowshoe_Chic 4 Snowshoe_Chic 5

Workout Wednesday

Biking 2 (1)

You can probably guess by all my Instagrams and Tweets that my new favorite activity is biking! Its been really fun the past few weekends to bike all around town — to the beach, restaurants, and even the farm! After buying the bike and helmet I invested in a few other key items — a bike basket, a rear bike rack with a detachable grocery bag, and a mirror.

While the basket is cute and the bag makes trips to the farm or beach a breeze, I really think the mirror was the best purchase. Even though we have a lot of bike lanes, it is still a little scary to ride on the road with cars, so the mirror lets me see when cars are coming up behind me and it makes taking turns so much easier!

Have you tried biking?  Even if you don’t want to buy your own bike, a lot of big cities now have a bike sharing program — like Boston’s Hubway or NYC’s Citibike! Just don’t forget your helmet!