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Snowshoe Chic

Snowshoe_Chic 1

I’m SO sick of snow! We keep getting more and more every week (I think its snowing right now) and we’re finally resorting to pushing snow into the ocean now that its getting to be too much for us in the street! I tried to be optimistic and use the most recent 12″ of added snow as an opportunity to try out my new snowshoes. I scaled the 6 foot snowbank in front of my house and if it wasn’t -1* outside I would have stayed out longer! However, I’m pretty sure that Snowshoe Chic is now a thing. #snowshoechic

Hat: Nordstrom / Ski Goggles: Oakley / Jacket: DKNY, old (similar) / Pants: Zella
Snowboots: Sperry / Gloves: North Face / Snowshoes: Christmas Gift (similar)

Snowshoe_Chic 2 Snowshoe_Chic 3 Snowshoe_Chic 4 Snowshoe_Chic 5

Rules for the Modern Girl

A modern girl…


Bundles up in her chicest winter-wear!

Coat: Ralph Lauren / Boots: Sperry / Boot Cuffs: Salem Style
Hat: Nordstrom (similar) / Faux Fur Cowl: Robinwoods Design

Too cold!

Too_Cold (1)

Too_Cold (2)

Jacket: Anne Klein, old (similar) / Scarf: Gap, old (similar)
Pants: American Eagle / Sunglasses: Prada / Bag: Longchamp

We’re on what feels like day 2,000 of winter, and it has been so frigid! Whenever the thermometer reads over 35* it almost seems like a heatwave!  I had grand plans to take some photos sans-coat this past weekend while we were out in town shopping, but it was just too cold! Hopefully the weather starts to warm up soon so I can swap out these wool and puffer coats for chic trench coats, and then eventually no coats! But I suppose if you have to wear a coat, it might as well be cute like one these: