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Daytrip to Santa Barbara

Santa_Barbara 1

Last weekend Doug and I woke up and decided it might be fun to take little trip to Santa Barbara. About 1.5-2 hours north of Los Angeles its not an awful drive, so we just grabbed some coffee and hopped into the car.

Our first stop was just a few miles south of Santa Barbara in a little town called Summerland. We stopped into the  wine tasting room of Summerland Winery, and then popped into a few antique shops before we headed up to Santa Barbara.  And the lovely ladies that worked at Summerland were nice enough to give us some lunch and winery recommendations for the rest of our day so we didn’t even need to plan our trip!

Santa_Barbara 2 Santa_Barbara 3 Santa_Barbara 6 Santa_Barbara 7 Santa_Barbara 8 Santa_Barbara 5 Santa_Barbara 4

Chambray Shirt / White Jeans / Jean Jacket
Earrings from Istanbul (similar) / Bag / Sunglasses / Sandals

We  stopped at a few tasting rooms and had an amazing lunch at Seven Bar & Kitchen. I definitely think that Santa Barbara would be a really amazing weekend trip — we were so preoccupied with the tasting rooms in town that we didn’t really get to spend any time next to the ocean. I’ve been doing a little Air BnB research for some places that will let us bring Zinnie along — hopefully there will be another Santa Barbara trip soon!

Entertaining with Fish Eye

Fish_Eye_Wine 4

I will admit that I was a bit skeptical when BzzAgent asked me to try Fish Eye’s cask wine.  Not having drank wine out of a box since I was in college (that was a mistake!) I wasn’t sure what to expect. I must say, it wasn’t bad and I was pretty surprised! The wine I tried was their Pinot Grigio — one of my favorite kind of white wine. I found theirs to be a bit sweeter than I usually like, but still very refreshing.

Fish_Eye_Wine 3

When you’re ready to have a glass, you open the tab on the front of the box and pull out a little twist spout. A flick of the wrist and you’ve got free flowing wine! The cask holds 3 liters of wine, or about two bottles, making it perfect for a party!  Don’t fret if you’re not having a party — they say the cask keeps the wine fresh for 6 weeks! I haven’t tested that theory, but you can read more about it here. I wouldn’t drink it on a regular basis, but the no-glass design makes it perfect for a picnic on the beach, a tailgate party, or any venue/location that doesn’t allow glass.

Fish_Eye_Wine 2

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Here’s to Fall — gorgeous foliage, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cozy sweaters, apple picking, and leather boots!

I received my Fish Eye wine at a discount through BzzAgent. All photos and opinions are my own. Please be responsible when drinking — modern girls & guys don’t drink and drive! 

Wining & Dining with Bright Cellars

I’m so excited to be collaborating with Bright Cellars, a new subscription based wine service! Created by two super smart MIT grads (go Boston!) they use an algorithm based quiz to help match you with four wines based on your preferences and answers to their questions. They only use the best wines (only 1 in 12 wines makes the cut!) and they specialize in finding unique and hidden gems from small vineyards all around the world.


I took the quiz and was matched with four unique wines: a Malvasia (white), Lagrein, Syrah, and Telah d’Orho (reds). The first bottle I tried was the Malvasia. When you are matched with your wines you will get a little bio about the wine, including where it’s from and some of the tasting notes. Here is what it says about the Malvasia:


I pulled this bottle out the other night while I was getting ready to cook some mushroom & truffle risotto (with my recipe from my night at Dave’s Fresh Pasta!).  I wanted some wine to sip on while I cooked and I even used a little bit of wine in the recipe!

Bright_Cellars 2
Bright_Cellars 5
Bright_Cellars 6
Bright_Cellars 9

I really enjoyed this wine – I could definitely taste the floral and nutty notes. It was a bit heavier than most white wines I typically would choose, but it was a nice change and I thought it paired really well with my risotto. Stay tuned, I still have three more wines to try from my box this month! If you’re interested in Bright Cellars you can check out their site and how they work here! Cheers! 

This post was sponsored by Bright Cellars. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Rules for the Modern Girl!