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beauty obsession: lavanila deodorant


I’ve read tons of articles that talk about how bad aluminum is for our skin and how it has been linked to cancers and other diseases. For a product that most of us use every day thats a scary thought! Even among these frightening studies, I’m floored that aluminum still is a main ingredient in nearly every pharmacy brand deodorant. In attempts to protect myself from these harmful products I’ve tried my share of organic and all natural versions, but to be honest I was mostly left disappointed and not smelling very pretty!

The game changer for me was when I tried on a whim Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant. I saw someone mention Lavanila online, and when I was in Sephora picking up my favorite sheet masks, I saw a sample pack in the checkout line and snapped it right up.

Lavanila’s products have amazing scents, zero chemicals, no aluminum, and no parabens. But the best part?  They work!  I have the Vanilla Coconut scent on my bathroom counter and the Sport Luxe version in my gym bag.  I feel so much better knowing that I’m not exposing myself to unnecessary chemicals. And it helps that I smell nice too!