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If Memorial Day was sunny…


Bathing Suit / Flip Flops / Lip balm (with SPF!) / Face Spray
Hat / Book / Straw Tote / Sunscreen

The forecast for this weekend is less than ideal.  Rainy, cold temps, thunderstorms, and wind!  Instead of thinking about what I can do this weekend, I keep dreaming about the beautiful beach day that is clearly not going to happen.  I received a sample of the Coola sunscreen in my most recent Birchbox, but I think I will need to wait a bit longer to try it out!   The only thing I had planned on doing that still seems like an option is to finish The Great Gatsby again before I go see it in the theaters.  I guess it’s time to go unpack my bikini and sun hat and go search for my Hunters and rain jacket!

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is relaxing and fun… despite the weather!