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What’s in my gym bag…

One of the first things I did when we moved to Los Angeles was join a gym. I toured a few locations and settled on one that had two locations near our apartment and a good schedule of group fitness classes. I’m lucky that I work from home and don’t have to rush to/from an office after my classes, but I still have my gym bag packed and ready to go so I can hop over after I’m done for the day and get in my spin class or strength session. Here’s what I’ve been keeping in my bag:


I’ve been using my quilted MZ Wallace Metro Tote as my gym bag. I like that it doesn’t scream “athletic” with any sports logos, but rather its got a sleek black textured design. Its roomy and fits all of my stuff! I don’t wear any makeup to the gym (except for a little swipe of tinted lip balm!), but because I’m acne prone I’ll always wipe my face and neck down with a Simple Cleansing Wipe after class.

Keeping my hair off my face and neck is really important during an intense class. I’m a huge fan of both Lululemon and Zella headbands, and since my hair is fine, I use a wide, damage-free hair tie.

I track all of my workouts with my Apple Watch Sport. I have a Jawbone UP that I wear during the day and at night for sleeping, but it doesn’t track heart rate or “stationary” workouts like spinning, so the Apple Watch has been awesome for those workouts as well as my weekend bike rides along the beach. And speaking of spinning, I have a pair of Giro cycling shoes for class.

For barre/yoga classes my gym provides the mats, but I’m not sure how often they are cleaned so I’ll bring along a mat towel to place on top. After every use I can just toss it into the washing machine and have a clean towel to bring to every time!

For every trip to the gym (and pretty much anytime I leave the house) I always have my S’well bottle with me — keeps my drinks super cold with slippery no condensation on the bottle.

I typically take group fitness classes, but on the off-chance I miss the class (traffic!) I’ll have a pair  of earbuds handy so I can get in a quick treadmill or elliptical session and still be able to listen to some music. And last but not least, I always keep some sort of healthy snack in my bag, like a Kind Bar, just incase I need some fuel before a workout!

What’s your must have for the gym? Send me a tweet at @tinewatson, or snap me at @moderngirltine!


Balance. If there is one thing in my life that I am constantly striving for, its balance. Balance between home and work, blogging and coaching, friends and family. I just want to be able to have some balance in my life.


As a life coach, I know that the first question to ask myself is “what does balance mean to me?” because before I can achieve balance in my life, I need to know what it is. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and although my idea of perfect balance may change over time, right now I feel like balance is working on a little bit of each part of my life every day. I know that I feel most fulfilled when I am spending quality time on all of my passions in life, not just one or the other.

Last week, I had no balance. You might have noticed some things took a backseat (or really no seat) as I didn’t get a chance to blog at all. My coaching practice wasn’t at 100% where I want it to be, and my only exercise came from walking to/from the coffee machine. I was Christine the Worker Bee. And while I take my job very seriously, I know that I have so many more things that make me who I am. And perhaps most importantly, I have so many other things that truly make me happy. I am Christine the Blogger, Christine the Coach, Christine the Friend, Christine the Amateur Crocheter, Christine the Wife, and the list goes on and on.


Last week I was unbalanced. I didn’t work out a single day. I fell asleep at 8pm every night from pure exhaustion. I didn’t do laundry, cook a decent dinner, respond to personal emails, or spend quality time with my bird. I woke up in panics from dreaming about excel spreadsheets and missing my commuter train.

How do I find balance? Well I haven’t fully figured that out yet, but I’m working on it. I’m happy I made time to write this blog post. I felt really good on my last coaching call. And I’ve signed up for just-for-fun sailing lessons in July, which I am wickedly excited about starting.

I am realizing that life is like that spinning top. Around and around and around it goes, spinning smoothly and evenly. But eventually it starts to wobble, and then inevitably it falls over. The most important part is what happens to the top next. You pick it up and start spinning it again.

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