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Snail Mail

I love to send snail mail. Cards, letters, little packages — I just think that its so nice to get a piece of mail thats not a bill or junk. I know that its better to give than receive, so I’m always sending off little surprises in the mail for friends and family.

Hallmark_Signature_Style 1

I also take my holidays super seriously and can spend hours in the store looking through all of the card racks of Hallmark Signature (my favorite!) for the perfect one.  Not too sappy, not too serious, and with just enough style. Hallmark Signature provides the perfect cards for any occasion — a wedding, baby shower, birthday, or just to say hello. As a modern girl with her own unique style, when I send a card I want it to be a reflection of me and the sentiments I’m trying to send.

Hallmark was sweet enough to send me a few of their new Signature cards — a crazy skull that would be perfect for my brother’s birthday, a pretty sequined card with a blank inside so I can write my own sentiment, and a card thats set up like a book which would be perfect for when you have lots of people signing a card. I sat outside on my patio and wrote up a few nice notes to some friends and family — I hope they are excited when they see them in the mail!

Hallmark_Signature_Style 2


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