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How to wear red lipstick


I think that I finally have become comfortable with how to wear red lipstick. It might sound petty, but it took awhile for me to really feel good about wearing red lipstick. I remember the first time I tried red lipstick — I purchased a tube of MAC Lady Bug during my lunch hour and put it on in the bathroom. A few of my co-workers definitely noticed and I felt very self-conscious. But I kept trying it out and eventually found my red lip groove. So, for those of you who may want to venture into the world of bright & bold, here are a few tips and tricks:

Start small. Don’t try out a red lip on the day of a big event.  Try it out by wearing it around your house one day, or to dinner with a close friend. You’ll immediately feel odd when you see yourself, but you’ll get used to it eventually.

Figure out your color. Some ladies look better in blue based red lipsticks. Others with a pink or coral based lipstick. If you don’t know what looks best on you, have someone from a makeup counter at Nordstrom or Sephora do a color match for your skin.

Don’t underestimate lip liner. No, not the nude lip with brown liner à la 1980. A matching or clear liner can be a godsend for keeping your lip color on your lips. I have too many different colors of red lipstick, so I always keep Lipstick Queen’s Invisible Liner on hand.

A few of my favorite reds:

Nars Dragon Girl Super Bright red
Nars Red Square Orangey Red
Nars Shanghai Express Brick Red
MAC Russian Red Blue-Red
MAC Lady Bug Sheer Yellowy Red
Hourglass Icon Burgundy Red
YSL Rouge Pur Couture #9 Bright Red

My Inner French Girl

Ever since I was a little girl I have been enamored with all things French.  In elementary school I bought French picture-book dictionaries with my allowance money and wore berets to school until my classmates made fun of me (kids can be SO cruel!).  I took French language classes from the 6th grade through high school, and I even sat for the dreaded AP French exam, even though we all knew we were going to bomb it.

Then in college I took five French language courses, even though a minor only required four.  The classes ranged from French Literature to Business French and everything in between.  For my fellow accounting nerds out there, did you know that in France their balance sheet is flip-flopped?  (Assets are listed on the right!)  I have always dreamed of visiting Paris, and eventually was able to take a trip of a lifetime to France last summer for our honeymoon, which I’ve traced below for you on the map below.


I dream about returning to France, for more than just a vacation. Paris & Bordeaux would be great cities to live in, but I loved Brittany and Cannes. too!  But because I can’t move to France, I try to picture myself there by reading as many French books and travel memoirs that I can get my hands on.  You can see some of them listed here.

One of my favorites style books is Ines de la Fressange’s Parisian Chic.  Not only does her gorgeous daughter model in the pictures, but she gives so many tips and tricks to achieve your own inner French style from clothing and makeup suggestions to teeth cleaning tips. A smile is your greatest accessory, after all!   But she’s not just about personal style and fashion; she has a section in the book about home decor, restaurants, hotels, cafes, hair salons, museums, bookstores and more!

Sadly, I have no current plans to return to France anytime soon. So until I do make some plans, I will just have to channel my inner French girl here in the States with my Breton stripes, red lipstick, and all my beloved French books.

A bientôt! 

Pandora’s makeup box


Its no secret that women love their bright lipstick, especially red!  Its on trend not only all over the New York Fashion Week runways, but on the bloggers in the audience and also on the streets outside Bryant Park.  But I also read the Cosmo polls and I know a lot of men don’t like red lipstick.  Some are afraid of smudging it, others actually do end up smudging it, and for some it can be a little too editorial for their everyday tastes.

I asked my husband how he felt about red lipstick, knowing full well he isn’t a big fan.  His was response was not what I had expected.  He wanted to know in what situation I would be wearing it, how tan I was going to be, and what shade of red it was going to be!   Too many questions over such a little tube of makeup.

Today is Valentine’s Day and I will most likely be wearing my beloved red lipstick when we go out to dinner.  But I am going to keep my wonderful husband in mind and tone down the other type of makeup he is not too fond of—Eyeliner.   Just for you, Doug!

Nars Scarlet Empress, Poppy King for J.Crew (sold out), MAC Creme de nude, MAC Lady Bug, FACE Stockholm Chili Flake, Nars Shanghai Express