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Sad Day for Lovers in Paris


Yesterday was a sad day for lovers in Paris, as the city started working on a week-long project to take down all of the locks that have been attached to the Pont des Arts. Doug and I visited the iconic bridge on our honeymoon in 2012, pictured above.  Although I am sad to see all the locks be taken down, it was becoming a safety issue, as the bridge was being compromised by the immense weight of the locks — apparently the weight was comparable to 20 elephants! And I cant imagine throwing the keys into the Seine was very safe/environmentally friendly either!

Apparently to deter future lovers from adding new locks, they will be installing glass panels instead of the wire fencing. I cant help but wonder, will tourists select a new bridge to declare their love?

PS. Although a few years old, my scarf and sweater are from J.Crew, my bag is from Coach, and sunglasses are H&M.