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Los Angeles, California


Its officially been almost three weeks since we moved to California and I must say they have flown by. Since we landed we’ve been non stop busy and I’m really hoping that things settle down soon. An idea of what we’ve been up to:

  • Visited with old friends
  • Made some new friends
  • Ate at In-n-Out burger
  • Went to a surprise party
  • Ate macarons at Bouchon Bakery
  • Toured a million apartments
  • Did laundry 50 times (we only have 1 suitcase of clothes!)
  • Went to an “unlimited mimosa” brunch
  • Decided on an apartment in Marina Del Rey
  • Ate at Blue Plate Taco… twice
  • Went hiking in the Pacific Palisades
  • Fired/Hired yet another car shipping company
  • Took a quick work trip to St. Louis
  • Highlighted my hair super blonde

Cali_Roadtrip 6

I feel so disoriented and out of place, but we’re moving into our new apartment on Monday and I hope things start to settle down and feel normal soon.  I just got a box of clothes in the mail (thanks Kathy!!) and I can’t wait to finally wear something other than the same 2-3 things everyday.  And my car should be arriving soon! The new shipping company we found ships via boat through the Panama Canal — so I am just hoping that by end of week next week it shows up and it didn’t get lost in the Bermuda Triangle!! So here’s to a successful move-in week at our new apartment in Marina Del Rey!

Terranea 1

I’m Back!

I’m back after a whirlwind week of travels for work and play in sunny California! The majority of my week was spent south of Los Angeles at a gorgeous oceanside resort working onsite at a conference. The days onsite are long, but there are always a few moments to sneak in some amazing views…

Terranea 1
Dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean.
Terranea 3
Taking 5 minutes every morning to soak in this view before I ran off to work.

Terranea 4
Hiking along the coast.

Terranea 5
Sending selfies to my husband while hiking along the coast!

Terranea 6
Taking a quick shot from the elevator bank while running off to work. 

Terranea 7
Geeking out at the falconry exhibit! 

After working onsite I headed up to Studio City to spend a few days with my friend Kristen. We hit everything on my Los Angeles Bucket List — dinner at Mantee, wine tastings in Malibu, amazing $25 massages, picnic overlooking the Hollywood sign, festival at Hermosa Beach, hiking the Hollywood Hills, and of course… In-n-Out Burger!  More pictures of my Los Angeles travels to come!