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No Pictures

Sometimes I’m disappointed when its Sunday night at 9pm and I realize that I didn’t take any pictures throughout the entire weekend! But usually a weekend with no pictures means that the weekend was really great.

Friday I went stand up paddle boarding (SUP for all your cool kids) at Lake Gardner with my mother in law and Plum Island Kayak.  The water was so calm and smooth — we had a great time paddling through the entire lake and watching all of the wildlife, including a blue crane and a really cute family of ducks. The lake was so still that at times it looked like glass. Once we were back towards the drop in area, we all practiced some SUP yoga and did some downward dogs on the boards. None of us fell in and it was really pretty neat! We finished off the night with some pink rosé and oysters at Brine.

Sunday I still had the SUP bug so we rented some at Summer Sessions at Jenness Beach in New Hampshire. I won’t lie — it was SO difficult! The only boards they had available were huge and super heavy, so getting them out through the breaking waves and into the water was no easy feat. Then just balancing on the board in the waves was pretty tough too!  Doug and I both fell in multiple times!

But we had so much fun we’ve decided to sell our kayaks for some SUPs instead. I love to kayak, but they are just too heavy for me to lift that we never seem to make it out with them. I’m doing some serious research on my SUP and I’ll probably be paying a few extra bucks for one that is lighter and easier for me to carry and load onto my car. Anyone out there have a recommendation? So far I’ve got my eye on a really nice Angulo Hawaii board.

Hope you have a great week!  I promise to take some pictures soon!

A Modern Girl Weekend

I really impressed myself on Sunday — I went for a bike ride AND I went kayaking! Who knew that in my older years I’d become so athletic?! In the morning I rode my bike to the Newburyport Farmer’s Market; I try to make it there every Sunday when I am home! I picked up some arugula, lettuce, strawberries, fragrant lilies, and some breakfast sandwiches. I also bought some super cute turbans and headbands by Robin Woods Design, which I am obsessed with and you’re sure to see on here soon.


After I got home from the Farmer’s Market we pulled out the kayaks and went for our first kayak outing of the year! We purchased the kayaks from Plum Island Kayak over Christmas and I’ve been really excited (and sort of nervous!) to take them out! The currents around the Newburyport area are no joke, and until I figured out how to work my rudders I had such trouble maneuvering my boat. We found a little inlet and traveled down until we found some quieter water. After that it became very relaxing, although still a bit of work to paddle!

Kayak (1)
Kayak (2)

Can’t wait to try out some more kayaking over the rest of the summer! Did you do anything fun this weekend? Let me know in the comment section below!!

Almost the weekend

Shirt: Madewell / Jeans: Old Navy / Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Scarf: Simrane Paris

Just a quick post as we head into the weekend! I can’t wait for some nice high 70* weather so I can finally take my kayak out on the river and go for another bike ride to Plum Island.  I hope you all have something wonderful planned, even if its just sitting out and relaxing in the sun.

PS. I can’t believe how green my backyard looks now!