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I tried…

Winter in Nbpt

I had such high hopes for this weekend. I was going to go to yoga! I was going to take blog photos! I was going to have fun! But it didn’t really work out that way. Instead, I cleaned the kitchen and wore all black since it snowed again and I just wasn’t feeling it. But this week is a new week, right?  I suppose I have a few things to be excited about:

  • I ordered these earrings and they should be arriving this week. Everything in Mackenzie’s shop is just darling!
  • I recorded a new video and it should be up sometime this week! If you missed my first one on my skincare routine you can watch it here!
  • I’ve started the search for the perfect spring trench coat. I’m liking this classic trench from ASOS, but Doug isn’t sold. What do you think?