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beauty obsession: ouai haircare


“Life is hard—looking good should be easy.”

A direct quote from the OUAI website… and I’m already sold. OUAI Haircare is all about bringing that luxury and style you see at a fashion show and making it attainable and realistic for today’s modern woman. They even have how-to videos on their site to help walk you through how to use the products to achieve that perfectly messy topknot or soft (never crunchy) tousled waves. As my hair has been a bit of a hassle since I’ve gone blonde, I’ve now needed to use products that I’ve never used before, and its nice to see a quick tutorial on how to use a hair oil or texturizing spray.

I’ve added a few of their products to my daily arsenal — the hair oil being my favorite. It has a gorgeous floral scent (jasmine or gardenia, I think?) and it has never weighed my hair down. I use it after I wash/towel dry my hair, and also anytime I need to tame some frizz.

I’ve also tried their wave spray, knowing well before I purchased it that it wasn’t going to turn me and my straight hair into mermaid goddess with gorgeous waves. However, when very lightly spritzed onto my hair (I spray the air and do a “rock and roll” hair flip through the mist) it gives me a little lived in texture and volume.

OUAI also has shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, texturizing sprays, hair supplements, and more!  Have you tried their products?  Let me know on Twitter at @tinewatson!

Mane event

hair care

Well, we talked about makeup and skincare, so we might as well finish off the week talking about some hair!  Now I have finally come to terms with the fact that my hair rejects all types of curl, crimp, volume, or body.  It really just wants to be be straight.  I finally have embraced my straight hair and now only use products that compliment my hair’s natural “self”, for lack of a better term.  I no longer use any mousse, hairspray, serum or gel.  I’ve thrown away all my round brushes and I sent my curling iron to the Cape house with my mom. It’s really just the basics for me now!

Klorane Shampoo & Conditioner
I really like this French shampoo and conditioner that I tried out while in France. At first I had trouble finding it stateside anyplace besides NYC’s Duane Reade, but now I can purchase it easily through drugstore.com.  I’ve been using the Mango line, but I’m almost out, so I’ve purchased the Chamomile line (pictured above) to try next.

Klorane Dry Shampoo
My best attempts at any volume or body are through dry shampoo. My hair is rather fine, so sometimes this is what I use to give it a little boost. Or perhaps give my hair an extra day between washes! I’ve probably tried every brand made, but Klorane is definitely the best.

Mason Pearson Brush
When it comes to hairbrushes, Mason Pearson is the crème de la crème. And if you forget, the price tag will remind you! I have super fine hair, so the pocket sized/kid’s sized brush is perfect for me. Saves a few dollars and also is small enough for me to carry around in my purse.

Wide Toothed Comb
Fine hair is even more prone to breakage, so I make sure to use this wide tooth comb to safely get out any knots.

Conair Hair Dryer
I must confess, I rarely blow dry my hair. When I do, I usually let my hair air dry for 20 minutes or so and then blow dry it for 2-3 minutes to just smooth it out.

So, besides a random conditioning treatment, that’s really all I use on my hair.  I had so much more hair “stuff”, but when I finally started to embrace what my hair does naturally (which really is nothing) I toned down all those unnecessary products and appliances.  It’s quite liberating!