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Modern Girl Gift Guide: For the person who has everything…


Do you have that one person in your life who just really has everything they need? Or who typically buys everything they want themselves? Sometimes I sit and wonder… if price was no issue, what could you buy that person who just seems to have everything?

Of course if money was no object I’d get them the very best in skincare. This La Mer cream claims to be a miracle and I’d assume using it would be like slathering your face with liquid gold. Not that it would matter, but ounce for ounce, I think they are the same price…

Forget countries and bodies of water, this stunning globe from Barney’s shows you the stars! However, we might have to return it since I don’t think it lights up.  How am I going to see the map when I bring it outside to look for the Little Dipper?

The better the perfume bottle looks, the better the perfume smells. N’est-ce pas? This Limited Edition Bond No.9 comes encrusted with Swarovski ruby fanci-stones (what the heck is a fanci-stone?) that claim to be as mesmerizing as the scent. See I told you!

Come on. Who wouldn’t want their own diamond encrusted tiara? Throw on a red dress and you’ll be mistaken for the Duchess of Cambridge as you make your way to dinner. At just under six figures its a small price to pay to be a princess. Happy biding at Christie’s!

For the tush that has everything, a super unique hanging egg chair. Perhaps the recipient will hang the chairs from a coconut tree on their own private island. I mean, a chair this fabulous can’t go just anywhere.

Perhaps for the teacher who has everything, a glass apple votive holder. For best results, bring it to school without a votive or matches. Those are frowned upon in the classroom these days.

Salt, pepper, and mustard should always be dispensed out of a sterling silver frog family. Check out that gilded tongue! If frogs aren’t your thing, theres an owl family too, complete with a gilded beak.

I don’t know about you, but my ears would definitely hear music better on a pair of fox-fur, Swarovski-embellished, gold nappa leather headphones. Although you think for the price D&G would have sprung for real pearls. Next year…

Worried about what clutch to use for all you holiday parties? Now you can carry your Amex Black Card and Maserati keys in style with your very own black swan purse. Covered in Swarovski crystals, it also comes in a white swan style. Remember girls, as Carrie Bradshaw learned the hard way, this purse is not an engagement ring.

Leave it to Versace to create a gold-finished, luxury toilet brush holder. Said to “snuggly” fit  in the corner of any bathroom, this is a gift for anyone. Toilet brush sold separately.

No entry way is complete without a stunning chandelier.  Ralph Lauren outdid himself with this 60.5 inch crystal stunner. Order fast! Its a special order and takes at least 4 weeks to ship. Tick tock!

If Cinderella was going to the ball today, no doubt the fairy godmother would outfit her with these sparkly heels. And you better believe she’s gonna glue them to her feet.

Ok, ok! My fun is over! But couldn’t resist as I do believe that sometimes we all get a little crazy over gifts during the holidays. Most of my favorite gifts are the ones that are the least expensive or flashy. A handmade item means more than a store bought one, and memories from a trip or experience will last longer than a sparkly piece of jewelry. And to be honest, all I want this year for Christmas is time with my family. But can you imagine if I really wanted a pair of embellished fox fur headphones?

But what might really be the best gift for someone who has everything? A donation in their name so that someone else may get what they really need this holiday season. Here are some of my favorite charities:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Doctors Without Borders
Habitat for Humanity
Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
World Wildlife Fund