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French Macarons with Sur La Table

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 1

Last weekend Doug and I went into Boston for a French Macaron cooking class at Sur la Table.  One of my friends was going and invited us to come along and I jumped at the chance. Making my own macarons? If I could do that I could probably die happy. I took copious notes and listened more intently to our instructor than some of my college professors! In the end we all left with rather decent looking macarons, but the real test will be when we try to make them at home on our own!!

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 2

We had to whip our egg whites and sugar until the mixture created “foamed peaks”. This often required us to stop and test the batter several times throughout the mixing process to determine if it was ready for the next step.

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 3

Doug and I were on the team assigned to make the lemon macarons so we added a gel food coloring and lemon essence to the mix. The other groups were creating Earl Grey and Chocolate macarons.

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 4

We used pastry bags to pipe the macarons onto the baking sheets. They were really smart and gave us templates to help us create cookies that were the same shape and size. You don’t want a lopsided macaron!!

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 5

I thought the Earl Grey macarons were so pretty. When they made them they used actual tea leaves from Earl Grey teabags which gave the batter this really fun speckled look.

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 6

Doug is normally better than me at all things in the kitchen, but I was actually a pro at piping the macaron batter! However, filling the piping bag is not easy! We definitely made a little bit of a mess trying to fill it up!

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 8

Can’t have a macaron without the filling! Doug and I were making butter salted caramel. It wasn’t too hard to make so I might keep the recipe handy for the next time we decide to make crepes! Doug is stirring the pot (so it doesn’t overflow) while I slowly poured in the heavy cream. The recipe wasn’t difficult, but you have to be very precise!

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 10

Some of our cookies right out of the oven! Sometimes the cookies can get stuck, and they recommended to put some wet paper towels underneath them to help steam them off, but since we were a bit pressed for time we just pulled them. Oops!

Sur_La_Table_Macarons 11

We experimented with different mixtures and Doug even used the raspberry butter cream with one chocolate cookie and another lemon cookie. They weren’t the prettiest macarons, but they certainly tasted good! If you have the chance to take a Sur La Table class I’d highly recommend it! Definitely worth the money and a ton of fun!!