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I recently stumbled upon my new favorite designer for cozy and casual cotton basics and I just had to share!!  Talia is a Southern California based brand with roots in Lima, Peru where all of their products are handmade with the softest Pima cotton.  Their flagship store is not far from me in Mission Viejo, CA, so I made a stop a few weeks ago on my way home from San Diego to check out the pieces, and ultimately stock up on as many as I could afford!

wearTALIA 2

Top: Talia / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Earrings: Lagos

This shirt is their “Avery” style that has an amazing boxy fit with with slim arms. I have stop myself from wearing it every day its so comfy and versatile — I can throw it on with skinny jeans like I did here, or I can wear it over my tank and yoga pants while en route to the gym. I have it in this oatmeal color and in a bright pink, but I’m just dying for it to come in more colors! (Psst Talia,  can this come in black pretty please?!) I have a few more pieces that I purchased on my trip to the Talia store, so stay tuned for more pima cotton goodness!

wearTALIA 3
wearTALIA 1

Cotton Anniversary

Technically, today is my 2 year wedding anniversary! Most people know that we had a big vineyard wedding in June, but Doug and I had to be all complicated and legally got married a month and a half earlier in May.  We sometimes get tripped up when people ask what day we celebrate, but I think the best answer is just to celebrate both days! Who can argue celebrating love?


Traditionally, cotton is gifted at the 2nd anniversary. I think this year (and many other years — iron? tin?) requires some creativity. I had a few ideas up my sleeve, and came up with a great gift idea for Doug, but I can’t tell you quite yet. Maybe I’ll let you know in June!

I’m actually really excited for 5 years, because the gift is wood and coincidentally we already have it waiting for us! Our wedding party sealed up a wooden box with a bottle of wine and two love letters that we’re supposed to open on our 5th anniversary. The box is patiently waiting for us in the basement!


What do you think of the traditional wedding anniversary gifts? Do you have any good cotton ideas? Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned to find out what I picked out for Doug!