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Feeling Sunny in Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 9
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) / Earrings: Lisi Lerch / Clutch: Tory Burch / Shoes: Jack Rogers
Rings: Margaret Elizabeth & Gorjana via Rocksbox / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

For weddings I typically use Rent the Runway, but I lucked out with this sunny yellow Lilly Pulitzer dress at a local consignment shop in Portsmouth, NH. I love buying Lilly on consignment — I can get it for much less than retail and often find prints and styles that have been retired, just like this one!  The dress was a little big, but I cinched it in with an old gold braided belt.

Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 6
Sorry for the wrinkles!  An hour in church will do that to you! 🙂 
Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 10 Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 5 Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 2
Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 1

Spring Cleaning!


Spring is on its way! The crazy huge icicles on my roof have started to melt (and fall off in monster sized chunks!) and I just know that spring is around the corner. And with that, its also the perfect time to start taking inventory of my spring/summer items and cleaning out what I no longer want or need. I have my spring consignment appointment next weekend, so I have been busy cleaning out my own closet this week. Here are a few spring cleaning tips:

1) Winter Clothes: Think about next year while putting away your winter clothes.  Are there items you haven’t worn all season? What can you toss vs. what can you potentially donate or sell? Consignment stores won’t take fall/winter items now, but they will start taking them in August and September. I like to wash and package together any items that I know I will want to sell so that they are ready to go once it hits the pre-fall season.

2) Spring/Summer Clothes: What spring or summer items do you have from last year that you no longer want or need? Are there items that no longer fit? If they are in good condition you can try to sell them at a local consignment shop or donate them to a women’s shelter.

3) Inventory: Take an inventory of what you do have after you do your cleaning and donating/consigning. Are you missing anything essential? Last summer I realized I had sold all of my shorts (I’m not a huge fan) and had to search around for a pair or two that I really liked. My favorites come from J.Crew and I usually buy a size up and with a 5″ inseam so that they aren’t super short!

Now that I’ve done a little spring cleaning, I have a few holes in my closet! Here are some of the new items I’m thinking of adding to my spring wardrobe: