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Snowshoe Chic

Snowshoe_Chic 1

I’m SO sick of snow! We keep getting more and more every week (I think its snowing right now) and we’re finally resorting to pushing snow into the ocean now that its getting to be too much for us in the street! I tried to be optimistic and use the most recent 12″ of added snow as an opportunity to try out my new snowshoes. I scaled the 6 foot snowbank in front of my house and if it wasn’t -1* outside I would have stayed out longer! However, I’m pretty sure that Snowshoe Chic is now a thing. #snowshoechic

Hat: Nordstrom / Ski Goggles: Oakley / Jacket: DKNY, old (similar) / Pants: Zella
Snowboots: Sperry / Gloves: North Face / Snowshoes: Christmas Gift (similar)

Snowshoe_Chic 2 Snowshoe_Chic 3 Snowshoe_Chic 4 Snowshoe_Chic 5

Shinique Smith

Shinique_Smith_MFA 2

Last weekend I headed over to the Museum of Fine Arts to check out the Goya exhibit before it closed. (Note to self: go earlier!) Even though I am a member, I always get caught up with life and don’t get to see the exhibits until they are almost gone and end up having to wait in a line.  Anyway, Goya was fabulous and I only had to wait about 15 minutes. After Goya we wandered around some of the other exhibits and stumbled Bright Matter by Shinique Smith, a contemporary artist from Baltimore, MD.

Shinique_Smith_MFA 1 Shinique_Smith_MFA 3

Shinique’s work is quite unique — very colorful, vibrant, and full of life. The installation has over 30 works of art including mixed media paintings, sculptures, full-room installations, and videos.

Shinique_Smith_MFA 4 Shinique_Smith_MFA 6

Head over to the MFA before March 1st to check out Shinique’s work! If you have off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this Monday consider stopping by — museum entry is free for non-members!

The Good Ones

The_Good_Ones 1

Have you heard of The Good Ones?  They describe themselves as a “dynamic collection of interesting people with common passions.” Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Good Ones event with my girl Noelle and I didn’t really know what to expect. The event took place at Grille 23 & Bar, a swanky bar and steakhouse restaurant in the Back Bay. We people watched for a bit and then started to build the confidence to mingle with the crowd — all outfitted in the “moody blues” dress code.

The_Good_Ones 5

The_Good_Ones 4

We finally started to mingle around and met a few really awesome people. Several seasoned Good Ones told us they felt the same at their first event and assured us — you really can just go up to people, introduce yourself, and start chatting!

Want to attend a Good Ones event?  Fill out a Personality Profile on their website and get ready to meet some awesome and like-minded people!

Boston Loves the H&M Home Collection

HM_Home 1

Last week I attended the Grand Re-Opening of H&M Boston on Newbury Street and got to have the first look at their new H&M Home Collection!  The Home Collection did not disappoint — it definitely had a European flair with so many different types of items from duvet covers, shower curtains, pillows, throw blankets, and even glassware.

HM_Home 3
HM_Home 4
HM_Home 5
HM_Home 6
HM_Home 7
HM_Home 8

Hop on over to the brand new H&M and check out their home collection for yourself! I snagged a cute storage basket, as well as some new fall items — 2 floral skirts, a tweed jacket, and a hat.  Can’t wait to start styling them when it cools down!

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