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Shakespeare & Co.

Shakespeare and Co I’ve always been an avid reader, but when the temperatures drop I seem to crave a good book even more.  To me, there is nothing better than wandering through the aisles of a bookstore, picking out a few shiny new books, and then coming home to read them with a blanket and cup of cocoa next to the fire.  On our last trip to Paris we of course had to stop at the legendary Shakespeare & Co. bookstore.  Actually a tribute to the real Shakespeare & Co. which had been shut down in 1940, this shop near the Île-de-la-cité specializes in English literature.  The top floor is also a library of sorts with older books that you can sit and read on the premises. Apparently the bookstore has also been somewhat of a “hotel” to traveling writers with claims that over 40,000 have stayed at the shop since its opening in 1951.

While wandering the shop I found that reading the book jackets of British-printed books was quite amusing, especially when the book was about America.  I’m pretty sure one of the books in the travel section about the US had a huge red and yellow McDonalds-esque carton of french fries on the cover. Ha! I ended up coming home with a French cookbook (tailored for “English kitchens”) and a book about a British man who built a rowboat and traveled down the Seine. I’m in the middle of reading that book now.

Shakespeare and Co (1) It was certainly a fun place to visit — buzzing with both tourists and history.  I do read most of my books on the iPad, but every so often I like to pick up a real book.  I’m kind of afraid that the days of bookstores are numbered!

Anyway, if you find yourself in Paris head to Shakespeare & Co.  Drop in for a poetry reading, Sunday tea, or some people watching.  Maybe you can tell them you’re a traveling writer and see if they will give you a room!

Shakespeare and Company
37 rue de la Bûcherie
75005 Paris