beauty obsession: ouai haircare


“Life is hard—looking good should be easy.”

A direct quote from the OUAI website… and I’m already sold. OUAI Haircare is all about bringing that luxury and style you see at a fashion show and making it attainable and realistic for today’s modern woman. They even have how-to videos on their site to help walk you through how to use the products to achieve that perfectly messy topknot or soft (never crunchy) tousled waves. As my hair has been a bit of a hassle since I’ve gone blonde, I’ve now needed to use products that I’ve never used before, and its nice to see a quick tutorial on how to use a hair oil or texturizing spray.

I’ve added a few of their products to my daily arsenal — the hair oil being my favorite. It has a gorgeous floral scent (jasmine or gardenia, I think?) and it has never weighed my hair down. I use it after I wash/towel dry my hair, and also anytime I need to tame some frizz.

I’ve also tried their wave spray, knowing well before I purchased it that it wasn’t going to turn me and my straight hair into mermaid goddess with gorgeous waves. However, when very lightly spritzed onto my hair (I spray the air and do a “rock and roll” hair flip through the mist) it gives me a little lived in texture and volume.

OUAI also has shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, texturizing sprays, hair supplements, and more!  Have you tried their products?  Let me know on Twitter at @tinewatson!

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the dress: part 2

Black_Dress_Part 2_ 2
Dress: Who What Wear x Target / Tank: Alternative Apparel / Jeans: Old Navy
Necklaces: Gorjana (long/short) / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Like I mentioned last week, I really saw this dress as a super versatile piece that could be worn multiple ways all summer. I definitely see it coming with me on my trip back to the east coast next month — I only have a small amount of room in my suitcase (I rarely check my bag) and I’ll be there for 10+ days, so I’ll need to maximize my space with items that can be mixed and matched!  I’ll definitely be dressing it up at night for dinners, and down during the day for shopping and trips to the Beach Plum for lobster rolls!

Here I’ve opened up the dress and removed the belt to make it into a long flowy vest to wear over white jeans. I think it would look equally great with darker skinny denim, and maybe even some flares. I’m now debating trying out this look with a pair of jean shorts… I’ll let you know!

Black_Dress_Part 2_ 6 Black_Dress_Part 2_ 3 Black_Dress_Part 2_ 5

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The Dress: Part 1

Black_Dress_Part 1_ 1
Dress: Who What Wear x Target / Shoes: Michael Kors / Sunglasses: Celine
Necklace: Hartsock Designs / Ring: Nordstrom / Bracelet: Salome Charly via OuiPlease

The past few years I’ve really been focused on purchasing items that are less trendy or “fast fashion” and more timeless and classic. I spotted this Who What Wear x Target dress the other day and was so distracted with trying to frantically find it in my size that I completely forgot about the vitamins that I actually went in there for! (I like Olly if you’re wondering!)

I love the shirtdress style with the optional belted waist — totally classic, but able to be dressed up or down with the addition of jewelry, heels, sandals, or even jeans! Its also super lightweight and will be perfect for dinner or drinks on hot summer nights.  I will note that its not as opaque as I’d like it to be, so I wore a slip underneath!

Check back next week for Part 2 where I’ll style the dress in a totally different way. This dress will definitely be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe this summer!

Black_Dress_Part 1_ 2 Black_Dress_Part 1_ 3 Black_Dress_Part 1_ 4 Black_Dress_Part 1_

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beauty obsession: invisibobble


I’m super particular about the products and accessories that I put in my hair now that I’ve gone blonde. I need to be very careful not to cause any additional breakage or damage. One thing that I definitely do on a daily basis is put my hair up into a pony tail — spin class, BodyPump, yoga — I am just not one of those girls who can workout with her hair down!

Traditional hair ties leave marks and dents in your hair and can cause extra pressure and breakage on your strands — but not the invisibobble! I’ll be honest, I spotted this cute little product at the checkout counter at Sephora while I was waiting in line.  I was struck more at first by its tiny little packaging and threw it in my basket on a whim.

I must say — I am a total invisibobble convert!  They don’t put dents in my hair while I sleep or workout, and they don’t cause any damage on my thin strands.  They also have really good grip and don’t slip out of your hair mid-spin class. I use the standard size, but they also come in a “power” large size, and in a teeny tiny “nano” size. And there are a ton of colors to choose from whether you want to match your own hair or have a fun, bright color like “Pinking of You”. PS – this is not sponsored, I just totally love these hair ties! 

Find them at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Sephora,, and more below!

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easy breezy

Pink_Pants 4

Jacket: Gap / Shirt: Alternative / Pants: TJMaxx, similar / Shoes: Michael Kors
Necklaces: HHartsock Designs & Luxa Jewelry / Sunglasses: Prada

These days I’m all about the relaxed California vibe — and when I spotted these pink wide-leg pants I knew they would be perfect for the summer.  Although it gets super hot inland, it stays cooler near the water and in the marina where we live. The wide-leg is breezy enough for the daytime, but keeps me warm once the sun goes down. I also always throw my jean jacket into the car, just in case!

Doug and I are also obsessed with anything from Alternative Apparel — like this tank. They have the softest t-shirts and we’ve been back to their Venice location twice to stock up. Along with the tank tops, I have their organic french terry crewneck and zip up hoodie. The hoodie is currently on sale now too!

Pink_Pants 1 Pink_Pants 5 Pink_Pants 7

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