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Life has just been crazy lately.  Back to back business trips all across the country, the huge stress of flying Zinnie out to California on an airplane all by myself, and battling a nasty case of bronchitis have really dragged me down. I also haven’t seen my husband in weeks and can’t go to spin until my bronchitis is fully gone, but there have also been some fun things in the mix…

-I went to Lauren Roxburgh’s foam rolling event in Santa Monica and I am totally hooked! I just started her 21 day program and although I have a medium sized foam roller, I may upgrade to her 36″ foam roller soon!

-I snagged these gladiator sandals last week and I can’t wait to wear them. They will be so versatile the spring and summer and they are wicked comfy. Oh yeah, they’re also under $40!

-I’ve been working on building my website for my coaching business and I’m getting really excited to launch it. My goal is for it to be live on April 1st! (No joke!) I’ll be specializing in helping millennials and young professionals find purpose in their lives, especially those who are navigating early career changes. After years of college and higher education and late nights at work, many of us have stopped to look up from our desks and realized that we’re no longer inspired in our daily lives. Know someone who may be interested in life coaching? Send them my way at

-My desk chair broke (bummer), but I’m looking at it as a shopping opportunity and I’m going to be replacing it instead of trying to repair it. So I’ve been popping into Home Goods on the regular to see what they have in stock, but I’m also eyeing this  vintage inspired chair.

-Took a drive up the coast to Malibu and saw the cutest seaside restaurant, Malibu Farm.  Its organic, farm-to-table, locally sourced, and family owned! We only stopped for some coffee that day, but I will definitely be making some brunch reservations there soon!

Here’s to a less stressful week!

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