Lady Antebellum in Concert

Last week Doug took me to see Lady Antebellum in concert. I was so surprised when we got there because we knew who both of the opening acts were–Kacey Musgraves and Kip Moore–and they were fantastic!! I was so thrilled to see them both perform, especially since Kacey just won two Grammys!

LadyAntebellum 2

LadyAntebellum 1

Towards the end of Kip’s set he ran offstage and came back wearing a Celtics jersey. You can bet the crowd totally went wild!  He was also dropping Celtics/Boston references into some of his songs.  I just love when the performers can interact with their audience like that!!

LadyAntebellum 3

LadyAntebellum 4

And of course, Lady Antebellum was amazing! They played some of their new songs off their album, Golden, as well as some older favorites, including their first single.  They also sang songs by Avicii and Daft Punk.  And Charles Kelley might have started singing/rapping/dancing to some New Kids on the Block.

I caught some of Wake Me Up on video… so fun! 

LASIK Post-Op Care

After you have LASIK, there is a lot to do during the next few weeks to ensure your eyes heal properly. There are many follow up appointments, lots of eye drops, and super fancy eye shades. If you missed my first post on What it’s like to have LASIK, click here!

LasikPostOpSupplies (1)

After surgery
On the day of surgery and 1 day post-op, you will be required to put in your antibiotic and steroid eye drops in your eyes every few hours while you’re awake.  However, sleep is the best way to help your eyes heal, and I’d recommend that you go home and take a really long nap. You’re not supposed to shower for 24 hours after the surgery to prevent any soap/water from getting into your eyes, but I didn’t like the idea of not washing my face so I stocked up on Neutrogena face wipes.  Even one week post-op I am still being really careful while I am in the shower!  I find that hanging a towel over the shower curtain just in case I need to pat my eyes dry really helped.

For the first week they advise you to wear sunglasses outside whether its sunny or cloudy and it helps if you have a really cute pair, like my Karen Walker Crazy Torts, pictured above!  You will have to continue with all of your perscription eye drops for the entire week after surgery, as well as using preservative-free tears for several weeks.

Daily Activities
They usually suggest you get the surgery on a Friday, so you can take off Friday-Sunday to rest, and be back to work on Monday. I chose to go this route and was back to work on Monday, but by 3pm each day that first week my eyes felt tired and achy, especially after staring at the computer all day. Each day my first week back I took a little cat nap between 5:30pm and 7pm while I waited for my husband to get home from work. This sounds really lazy on paper, but it was really good for my eyes to have a break.

They also suggest you physically take it easy for a week after surgery–no working out or doing any heavy lifting, etc. I was totally OK with this, especially because there was a huge snowstorm the day I had my surgery. (Thanks, Doug, for shoveling!) They also say no swimming for 2 weeks, just to be sure your eyes are in good shape before any chlorine/saltwater comes in contact with them! And ladies–no eye makeup for at least a week!

For the first week, you will need to wear protective eye shields while you nap or sleep. These are to prevent you from accidentally touching or rubbing your eyes. For me, this was probably one of the worst parts about the entire LASIK process. The eye shields are these large clear lenses (pictured above) that you have to tape to your face. Yes. TAPE TO YOUR FACE! This was pretty uncomfortable and I felt like I had adhesive residue on my face the entire week, even after I scrubbed my face in the morning.

Side effects
Immediately after surgery you will be able to see, but your eyes will be a little blurry.  The nurses described it to me as “having Vaseline smeared across my glasses”, but this will slowly improve over the next few days.  You may also feel gritty, itchy, burning, or foreign object sensations, especially towards the end of the day.  These symptoms, which all signify dryness, will get better over time especially with the use of the preservative-free tears. Just a tip: buy the preservative tears in bulk, because you will definitely be using them all the time. You might also see some halos around nights, particularly while driving at night.  This should get better too!

Thats all I can think of!  But if you have any other questions about LASIK, please feel free to shoot me an email at!

What it’s like to have LASIK

Thank you so much for all your kind messages about my LASIK surgery. I am happy to report that now at a week plus post-op I am doing great and I have 20/20 vision! Many of you asked me what it was like to have LASIK, so I’ve decided to do a special Saturday post and give a little insight into what it’s like!


Before you can have LASIK you need to visit your eye doctor. He/she will check your prescription and let you know if they think it is stable enough (at least 1 year with no Rx change) to consider having the surgery. If your Dr. gives you the OK, you can then schedule a consultation with a LASIK surgeon. Prior to this appointment you will have to stop wearing contacts for at least two weeks (as they can alter your corneas) so that you can have several scans and tests performed that will measure all sorts of things about your eyes — shape, thickness, eye pressure, etc. The surgeon will use the results to determine if you are a suitable LASIK candidate. If the surgeon thinks your results are good, then you’re given the green light to schedule your surgery!

2 weeks pre-surgery
You must stop wearing your contacts 100% at least 2 weeks before surgery, if not more! You will get prescriptions for two eye drops — antibiotics (infection) and steroids (inflammation). You will need to fill these at least 2 days prior to surgery.

1 day before surgery
Your surgeon will have you start you start using the antibiotic eye drops preventatively the day before surgery. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and take a shower, as you’re not allowed to shower for 24 hours after.

Day of surgery
On the day of surgery make sure to wear comfortable clothes, no makeup/creams/perfume, and no earrings/necklaces. You should bring with you all the paperwork provided at your pre-op appointment, as well as all of your prescription eye drops and your payment! The doctors will check your eyes again, go over the procedure in-depth, go over all of your post-op care in-depth, and get your eyes washed and prepped. Most likely they will offer you a pill to relax you — I highly recommend you take it! Then they will bring you to a quiet room where you wait your turn.

Surgery! (Note: Not super graphic, but I’m giving an honest account!)
When it’s your turn they will bring you into the operating room, which is dimly lit. There is a exam table between two very large machines. One machine is to create the “eye flap” and the other is the laser. After I was on the exam table, they adjusted a little inflatable pillow around my head and covered my ears with tissue so the eyedrops they put in wouldn’t get into my ears if they ran down my cheeks. They also gave me a little stress ball to hold, which I am pretty sure I squeezed to death the entire 10 minutes. They will also tape one eye shut while they work on your other eye.

The first step is creating the eye flap, which now is created via a laser, rather than a surgeon’s blade. (Yay for medical advances!) The flap is created by inserting air bubbles gently under the surface of your eye. To do this your surgeon will hold your eye open and place a donut shaped suction cup over your eye. This does not hurt, but you will feel pressure and it will be a little uncomfortable. Once the suction is turned on, your sight will go black in that eye due to the pressure. Once the flap is created and lifted, you will start to see again, but everything will be milky and blurry. The entire suction cup/eye flap creation probably took 1 minute or less. Then they move the exam table over to the other machine, where the laser is located.

When they put you under the laser they will tape your eyelashes down and use a little plastic clamp to keep your eye open. This didn’t hurt at all, I only felt slight discomfort. They must use special tape, because I don’t remember it being hard for them to remove. Once your eye is all taped up and open (takes maybe 60 seconds?) they will ask you to look up and focus on the laser which has a red light. The laser will then focus itself to you–this allows the laser to follow your eye if it moves/twitches, etc. while it is on. Once they have that all set (again, maybe 45-60 seconds) they will turn the laser on. The laser has a sharp snapping noise and gives off a burnt hair smell, but relax, nothing is burning! The time under the laser depends on your prescription, and the worse the prescription the longer time needed. I’d guess I was under the laser for 30-45 seconds.

Once the laser is done the surgeon will put your eye flap in place with a little metal toothpick-like tool and then brush it down with what looked like a small paintbrush. They then put a zillion drops in your eye, tape it shut, and move on to the next one!

Immediate post-op
After your 2nd eye is finished, they sit you up and walk you out of the surgery room and into an exam room. They will have you sit for 10-15 minutes in a dim room with your eyes closed and then a doctor will come in to take a look at your eyes and make sure the flaps look OK. After that they put some super attractive medical sunglasses on your eyes and send you home!

Stay tuned for the last half of this post next week —  LASIK post-op care!

Love in Vermont

BQ Wedding (3)

Dress: Alice + Olivia / Necklace: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Vintage

This past weekend we headed up to Sugarbush Resort in Vermont for our 6th and final wedding of the year! Confession: I have lived in New England all of my life and this was my first trip to Vermont. Better late than never, I suppose! I absolutely loved Vermont and I can’t wait to go back later this year for some skiing.

BQ Wedding (6)

BQ Wedding (1)

BQ Wedding (5)

BQ Wedding

Can’t leave out my handsome date!

BQ Wedding (4)

The next morning at breakfast we made friends with the resort’s dog, Rumble!


Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Boyle!



Jacket: J.Crew Factory, sold out (similar) / Sweater: J.Crew / Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Bass, old (similar) / Bag: Longchamp

On Saturday, I dragged my sniffly self out of bed to head up to Sage Hill Farm to check out their antiques. Sage Hill Farm is only open the 1st weekend of every month, either at their home location in Exeter, NH or at a nearby antiques show. My husband and I have a list of things we’re looking for to help decorate our new house and since the house is over 100 years old, only an antique item will do. We’re on the hunt for a pair of nightstands, a 2-person desk, small cabinet to hold our cable box/entertainment stuff, and a few other items.  We struck out on some of the big things this past weekend, but we will be back at it next week visiting Consignment Corner in Chelmsford.

Antiquing (1)

Antiquing (2)

Antiquing (3)

Antiquing (4)

I found these pins at Oldies Marketplace in Newburyport, MA.   I’ve been going to the Oyster Festival since I was very young — and it was so neat to find these old pins 200+ miles away from home!

Antiquing (6)

Display of tin watering cans at Sage Hill Farm.

Antiquing (7)

An antique baby buggy filled with dried hydrangeas.