A Modern Girl Fairytale

When there has been silence on the blog for a few days, it usually means that I am off doing something totally amazing.  In the case of this Friday-Monday, I was off to Washington DC for one of my best friend’s wedding weekends!  The entire weekend was absolutely magical.   The W Hotel is just fabulous, and everything looked wonderful and the entire event went off without a hitch.  Here are just a few snaps:


The beautiful bride heading towards her groom!  Her veil was her mom’s!


The Altitude Room at the W Hotel looked gorgeous with all the candles,  rose petals and calla lilies!  I’m third from the left with my “modern beehive” hairdo.


A quick shot after performing my veil-removal and flower-placement duties!  We’ve known each other since middle school!


A bride & her bests!


All things bridey!

shans bachelorette

I was a busy bee this weekend!  After a few days in Tampa for work, I returned to Boston, swapped my suits for sequins, and headed back to the airport for a bridal weekend in DC.  We had lots planned for the bride-to-be, including a bridal shower, a spa day, and a night out on the town to celebrate her final weeks as a single woman!

Black tank: Nordstrom / Sequin skirt: Francesca’s (similar)
Necklace: J.Crew / Clutch: K.Slademade

A Quality Shoe

On Location For "Sex And The City 2" - September 8, 2009

A few months ago I read an article about Sarah Jessica Parker and how her feet were essentially ruined from all the years of wearing super high heels for 14 hrs a day on the Sex and the City set.  I thought about this and then decided I was OK– I don’t wear high heels every day, and when I do, definitely not for 14 hours at a time. Phew.

However, I more recently read another article about SJP where she said she twisted her ankle from wearing cheaper, low quality shoes!  This I could definitely relate to.  A few weeks ago I had been looking for a pair of nude heels to wear to a few weddings this summer.  I looked at a few nice pairs, but couldn’t find the style I wanted so for whatever reason ended purchasing a cheap pair by Candie’s brand.  I know! What was I thinking? Here are the awful shoes, right before I threw them out:


They were OK for a few hours, but as we started going on the dance floor that night my feet were throbbing.  Not because they were too high, but because the awful pleather material was ripping up my poor toes and digging into my ankles.  Now, I am someone who NEVER takes her shoes off at a wedding and I had to take these off.  I just couldn’t take the pain!  Had I spent a little extra on some quality leather heels I would have been fine.

A perfect example would be the shoes I wore in yesterday’s post.  Even though they are way higher in heel height, they are real, quality leather and don’t cause blisters or any pain.  We danced the night away and I never even thought about taking them off until I got back to the hotel!

Let this post serve as my vow to never purchase or wear cheap shoes again!  Who is going to make this pledge with me?

Ferry Boats & Peonies

This weekend Doug and I went to our 2nd wedding of the year!  Getting married were our darling friends Taylor and Steve who have been off adventuring in Oklahoma for the past few years.  We’re literally counting down the days..err..years until they come home!   The wedding was on Long Island, NY and although it rained a little (OK, it rained a lot!) the wedding was so perfect and beautiful!  We had a such great time!  And the sun finally came out on Monday, so we had a wonderful and sunny ferry ride back to CT.


Dress: Tart / Shoes: Zara / Bag: vintage (similar) / Bracelet: J.Crew
Lips: Nars Luxembourg / Earrings: from holiday shops at Columbus Circle (similar)


This dress was so much fun. You can literally tie it in a million different ways!  One shoulder, halter, sleeveless– the options are literally endless!  If you need inspiration go to YouTube and search for “Tart Infinity Dress” and you’ll find 5 minute video of how to tie it!  The only way I cannot figure out how to tie it is the strapless option as it seems like a lot of fabric to tie around your torso!  I chose the one shoulder look for this wedding, but my husband was a fan of the halter look and I was debating the style to wear up until we left for the ceremony.

20130521-093555.jpg I completely forgot to get a picture of the reception room– it was so beautiful with pink and white peonies, candles and pearls at every table!  My vintage clutch felt like it fit in perfectly with the bride’s love for vintage style.  They also had a really amazing band— first wedding I’ve ever attended where there was a band!  I went home at the end of the night exhausted, which was definitely a sign of great music, dancing and overall a ton of fun!  Can’t wait for the next wedding!

The Hat!

wedding hat

I was so busy having fun at the wedding this weekend that I completely forgot to take pictures of my hat!  I had visions of a black hat, but had such a hard time finding one that I liked.  Instead, I decided to go with a cream colored hat with white coque feathers that I already owned.  I DIY’ed a few hot pink coque feathers that I purchased off Etsy for $5 and voila!  A new hat!  I was able to get it to Pittsburgh and back in my suitcase without an issue, although its a little squished on one side!  It was a beautiful, sunny day– making the hat both fashionable and functional!

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Bbbos giveaway winner

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