Christmas in the City

My husband and I spent a few days in New York right before Christmas. Living in Boston I don’t get a chance to visit the Big Apple very often so I was thrilled to be there for an entire weekend. A few highlights of our trip:

Matisse exhibit at the Met
Chicago on Broadway
Christmas shops at Columbus Circle
Drinks at the Bull and Bear
Waffles in Central Park
Shopping at C.Wonder
Dinner with friends at Celsius
Watching the ice skaters at Bryant Park
Staying at the beautiful Waldorf=Astoria
Seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center
Brunch at Lexington Brass


Just a few snaps from our NYC weekend!

A little peek…

A little peek into what I have been up to in the past month (sorry!)……

Made some new friends

Helped write a (hit) song

Played with a puppy named Nala

Visited a legend

I have been busy living life, traveling across the country, and essentially not sleeping for the past month. I am looking forward to the holidays where life will still be fun, but hopefully a bit slower in pace!


I secretly (or not so secretly) dream of living in Europe for a few years.  There are so many things that I find alluring and wonderful about many European countries and cities that would make it fascinating to live there, even if only for a year. The culture, the people, the history, the food!  But there is one very odd thing in particular that I love so much about Europe that many people probably wouldn’t even guess or think of…. the pharmacies!  I absolutely adore pharmacies in Europe, particularly France.

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie I could spend an hour in CVS any day of the week.  But there is something about the products sold in pharmacies overseas that just seem so much more… chic.  Yes, I know I sound totally crazy right now, but I just can’t help it.  I love foreign beauty products.

Here’s some of my loot from my most recent overseas trip:

Thankfully, most of these items can be found here if you search hard enough. Some, like the La Roche-Posay and L’Occitane lotions, can be found super easily.  But I’m not convinced they are 100% the same as the products overseas.  My instincts and knowledge of the FDA tell me they are similar, but different.

My most recent work trip to NYC resulted in some more packs of Berocca and Vichy deodorant from Duane Reade.  Score!  I LOVE the Vichy deodorant and before Duane Reade I wasn’t able to find it anywhere, even online, for under $18.00 (not including s/h). Will definitely be going back to Duane Reade next time (every time) I am in the city.

The only item above that I can’t physically track down in the states is the Labello chapstick, however for price worthy of your first born child, you can order it from Thankfully I have several tubes left from my honeymoon.  But, you can bet I am sending my husband with a “pharmacy list” next time he goes to Spain on a business trip.

Two years ago today….

…my best friend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It didn’t go as he had planned, and it was far from the perfect fairytale engagement girls dream about, but it was perfect for us and a moment I will never forget.

He planned everything out in detail—a sunrise proposal on hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley. Unfortunately a rainy morning squashed his plans and he couldn’t wait any longer– he was anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time. But our timing couldn’t have been more awkward at that moment, as he proposed right as I turned the corner from the bathroom–still brushing my teeth while getting ready to go out for breakfast. Bubbly toothpaste and all, I said Yes! as gracefully and ladylike as one can in that situation. Then I rushed off to the sink to rectify that awkward situation ASAP!

After he proposed we went off to visit our first winery of the trip, Robert Mondavi. I jumped for joy amongst the vines, flying high from happiness and joy…


…or perhaps it was my new fiancé positioning the camera at just the right angle to make me look like a WNBA star. Only we will know!  xx

Whatever. Make Choices.

No finer words have ever been spoken.  When my husband and I were in France on our honeymoon we would stand at the front of a restaurant and wait to be seated.  Apparently, if the restaurant is “service continu,” aka restaurant does not stop serving between lunch and dinner, you should just sit down. If you don’t see a service continu sign and it’s that ambiguous time between lunch and dinner, you can ask, but you will definitely look like a foreigner. This is 99% not the case in the US and we just could not wrap our heads around this concept. 

One day in Cannes we were waiting at the door of a small Italian restaurant.  The waiter gave us an odd look and walked right by us.  Twice this happened before we caught his attention and asked (in French) if we could sit down at a table outside. 

“Whatever. Make Choices,” was his response.

Whatever. Make Choices. Are things really that easy?