Emporio Armani, Face a Face, and Prada

What’s that old quote?  “Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses” ? Forget that!  Today I find that glasses make such a great fashion accessory.  I even think that I’d want to wear glasses even if I didn’t need to (which I very much do!)

I remember my parents’ glasses from when I was little—they were so thick and the frames were huge!  These days glasses come in all shapes and styles, and thankfully modern science has drastically reduced the thickness of the lenses, even for those of us who are rather blind.

My eyes have graciously stayed the same prescription for the last few years, so every so often when I decide I am bored with my current “four-eyed” look, I’ll head off to the optical shop for a new pair.  I now have four pairs that I rotate between, selecting the frames that go best with my daily look.   I recently stumbled upon BonLook and their affordable and chic frames… so I definitely know where I am going for my next pair.  They offer a “virtual try on” of your potential  new glasses and when you purchase them you get free shipping and a cleansing cloth and protective case.  What do you think…  Opera style or rounded tortoise?

Images from Bonlook.com

Images from BonLook.com

Business Travel

Last year when I changed jobs I started taking a lot of mini business trips. One night here, two days there. I was never gone for very long, which was very nice, but I struggled with what to pack for a one or two day trip. How much was too much? How little is too little?

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the past few months of business travel…

Business Travel

1) Always carry on your luggage

There is NOTHING worse than a short trip with no luggage. Get one that is easy tomaneuver and lightweight so you can lift it into the overhead bin without worrying about toppling over or hitting another passenger. Of course, you can still ask for help if there is a handsome gentleman seated near you!

2) Pack versatile pieces you can mix and match

For a short trip you want to make sure all of your items can mix together. Think neutrals (navy, grey, tan, black) with only one pop of color. If something happens (stain! rip! etc!) you want to be sure that you can substitute in another item without it completely clashing. A neutral blazer is always a good item to have on hand—it can be used as a jacket when chilly AC kicks in or to transform yesterday’s outfit in an emergency. A pashmina works the same magic.

3) Limit your shoes

I know, I know. As a shoe-a-holic I cannot believe I am saying this, but it’s true. For a short 2 day trip I try to limit myself to 2 pairs of shoes, including the ones I wear to travel. They really do add some weight and take up a lot of space in my already tiny suitcase. I’ve invested in a few nice pairs of neutral pumps and wedges, so even though I only can bring one (or two!) pairs on a trip, I definitely still feel stylish.

4) Eliminate purse clutter

When I travel I like to do a little purse-cleansing before I go. My LV Neverfull can fit nearly everything, so a good cleansing is in order before every trip. Old receipts and papers get tossed or filed and other unnecessary items get put away. Traveling can be very stressful on the body so I don’t like to be carrying any more than I should. I’ve even upgraded myself to e-magazines on my iPad!

5) Plan out (and try on) your outfits before you go!

I ALWAYS try on and plan out each and every outfit for a business trip. Sounds silly, but if I try on every item before I go there are no surprises–Oh no, I don’t like this! Oh no, this doesn’t match! Oh no, oh no! Detail planning of every outfit ensures that I also don’t bring extra items, as I already know what everything looks and feels like on. Takes a few extra minutes at home, but definitely a practice that is worth the time!

Happy (business) travels!

A style survey

First I saw this on A Piece of Toast.  And then on JGIWC.  Although I am not much into surveys, I liked this one (no Pepsi vs Coke-esq questions) and decided to share it with all of you.

Describe your personal style in five words or less: 
Classic with a modern twist.

Who/What inspires your personal style, influencing what you’re drawn to and what you end up wearing?
Everywhere and everything.  Mostly blogs and magazines, particularly the “street style” sections they have.  Although I love a good editorial shoot, I like to see what real people are wearing.

What is an item you cannot live without or what are some of your wardrobe essentials? 
I obviously cannot live without my wedding rings. All (3!) of them are very important and each mean something different.  My fall wardrobe essentials would include my LV Neverfull bag (which carries my entire life), J.Crew skinny jeans and Minnie pants, ballet flats, a pashmina (I am always cold), and a super soft cashmere turtleneck.

What is your most recent purchase? 
A new makeup bag from C.Wonder– on sale!  And a ivory fur coat that I just cannot wait to wear.  I want to wear it so badly that I am actually wishing for cold weather. Eek!

Where have you found some of your most treasured style items?
Consignment shops are so great for the days where you just want to wander and look around forever.  You have to be in that “scavenger” mood.  I also seek out little no-name stores while on vacation for those one-of-a-kind items. (I also do this with my artwork).

What is your go-to jewelry routine?
My “go to” routine would be diamond studs, my wedding bands and my watch.  When the outfit calls for it I will switch up my earrings for some big studs or dangly earrings.  Sometimes I will instead chose to wear a statement necklace.  I like bracelets, but arm parties look ridiculous on me, so I just stick with one or two.

What are some of your make-up must haves?
Brown eyeliner & black mascara.  The brown makes the whole look seem less harsh on my light eyes. I also like a good tinted primer (Korres makes a nice one) and light, non-shimmery bronzer.  Nobody wants to look washed out!  A non-shimmery or sparkly blush is key, and I am always looking for an excuse to wear red lipstick.

If you could meet any designer who would it be and why? 
Stella McCartney seems like she would be really fun.  And I think anyone who is hired to dress HRH Kate Middleton on her wedding day and beyond, well, I’ll just leave it at that!<

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever given or received? 
Less is more. After you have put on all your accessories, go back and take one piece off.

…et vous?

Call it what you want…


Oxblood, Burgundy, Cabernet, Bordeaux… it seems this one trendy color has a million names. Whatever you decide, it’s the “it” color this fall. blood, Burgundy, Cabernet, Bordeaux… it seems this one trendy color has a million names. However, I’m sure my sisters are with me when I say I like to call it Bordeaux. Here are some gorgeous item I am lusting after in this new color.

Once I found out that J.Crew made their signature Minnie pant in this color I nearly knocked over my chair in getting to my computer so I could hop on their website and buy them ASAP. Oops. And how gorgeous is that PS1 bag? Swoon….

A day in the city

Now that I live in the suburbs, I really enjoy my trips into the city. I always park under the Common so I can walk through the Public Gardens and see the swans on my way to go shopping, etc.



Shirt: J Crew factory
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: unknown
Necklace: Spike the Punch
Sunglasses: NYC street vendor