Navigating the Farmers’ Market

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The arrival spring means that the Newburyport Farmer’s Market will start operating every week outside! I’m pretty lucky that the market does run a bit during the winter, but I am so excited that starting May 2nd I can go every weekend.  The farmers’ market is different every week — different vendors, different offerings — so its important to learn how to navigate the market before you make your purchases!

1) Always do a loop when you first arrive
The same vendors don’t come to the market every week, so every time you visit there are different offerings. And based on production and supply, some vendors may not offer the same products each week! Its important to do a lap around the market to see whats being sold.  You may see that multiple vendors offer the same products too, so you’ll want check out who has the freshest fruits and veggies for sale that day.

2) Make notes of what you need
As noted in #1 above, I don’t know what will be for sale at the market, but I usually have good idea depending on the season. Before I head off to the market I like to make a note of some of the things I need for the week, leaving it a little “open ended” due to the nature of the market. I may decide I need a few vegetables for side dishes, flowers, and some meats — and then I wait to see what the market has to offer. If I can’t get what I want (usually a specific type of meat or veggie) then after the market I head over to the farm to pick up any leftover items.

3) Be open!
Some days I’ll end up trying/buying some things I didn’t even have on my radar. Recently a local cheese shop came to the market and I tried some of their fresh mozzarella — the best I had ever tasted!! I ended up buying a 1/2 lb. to have during the week and it was awesome. I hadn’t planned on buying any cheese that day, but it was so great I had to go for it.

4) Have fun
The market usually has live music playing and some vendors that sell breakfast sandwiches and fresh brewed coffee, so I like to leave some time for me to enjoy these parts of the market.  I ensure that we have enough time to wander around, chat with some of the vendors, try out some of the products, and have a coffee or sandwich before we head home.

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Do you have a local farmers’ market?’s St. Patrick’s Day Sale!



In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, is having a 20% off sale!  With code GRAND you can get 20% off your entire purchase, but act fast its only until 3/18 at 3am ET! To get you started I picked out some of my favorite spring accessories. The pink leather backpack is such a fun change from my usual handbag, and I think its about time I retired my snow boots for some fun sneaks.

Happy shopping & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Spring Cleaning!


Spring is on its way! The crazy huge icicles on my roof have started to melt (and fall off in monster sized chunks!) and I just know that spring is around the corner. And with that, its also the perfect time to start taking inventory of my spring/summer items and cleaning out what I no longer want or need. I have my spring consignment appointment next weekend, so I have been busy cleaning out my own closet this week. Here are a few spring cleaning tips:

1) Winter Clothes: Think about next year while putting away your winter clothes.  Are there items you haven’t worn all season? What can you toss vs. what can you potentially donate or sell? Consignment stores won’t take fall/winter items now, but they will start taking them in August and September. I like to wash and package together any items that I know I will want to sell so that they are ready to go once it hits the pre-fall season.

2) Spring/Summer Clothes: What spring or summer items do you have from last year that you no longer want or need? Are there items that no longer fit? If they are in good condition you can try to sell them at a local consignment shop or donate them to a women’s shelter.

3) Inventory: Take an inventory of what you do have after you do your cleaning and donating/consigning. Are you missing anything essential? Last summer I realized I had sold all of my shorts (I’m not a huge fan) and had to search around for a pair or two that I really liked. My favorites come from J.Crew and I usually buy a size up and with a 5″ inseam so that they aren’t super short!

Now that I’ve done a little spring cleaning, I have a few holes in my closet! Here are some of the new items I’m thinking of adding to my spring wardrobe:

Unboxing Oui Please

Happy Friday!  I recorded a quick video last night since a few of you were asking about my Oui Please subscription! To learn more about Oui Please, or order your own subscription check out their website:! And this isn’t a sponsored post — I just love this service and I know that some of you were curious about what was in it. Have a great weekend!!

Shopbop’s “Big Event”


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Big news! Shopbop is having one of their legendary sales! Dubbed as “The Big Event” you can snag all your favorite designer items up to 25% off with the code BIGEVENT15! Sadly, I probably won’t be doing too much shopping (coaching school is expensive!) but here are some of my favorite items from the sale. Hurry! Sale is only on until March 7th and you know its gonna be good!