Modern Girl in the Countryside

This past weekend my husband, my friend Diana, and I trekked farther north than I had ever been before in the US… Maine!  We made the journey for the wedding of our dear friends, Stephanie & Eli.  At first I thought that I was in northern Maine, but turns out we were only about halfway through the state near Bangor.  I never knew how big Maine was!!

This trip was also my 2nd experience camping.  Let’s just say there are no photos of the camping and I will not be camping again…. ever. I am an indoor, stay in a hotel, need to sleep in a bed kind of girl.  However, the wedding was SO fun and here are some of my favorite pics from my iPhone:


Hanging with the lovely Diana before the ceremony!


I honored the bride’s Texas roots with some cowboy boots!
Dress: Francesca’s / Boots: Dan Post / Bag: K.Slademade


Taking a break from the heat!


The beautiful bride!  So sad she will be moving soon, but then again I just have another reason to visit my favorite city in TX!

**A note on the camping… I woke up around 4:30am due to some very loud birds and wandered the campground property until my husband woke up at 8am.  I am so sad I forgot my camera because my iPhone died and that morning I saw the most beautiful sunrise and sat at the pond for hours. But don’t think these views make me want to camp again.  I could still see the sunrise if I slept in a house.  But, I might need to set an alarm since I’d be away from those noisy birds!

A Quality Shoe

On Location For "Sex And The City 2" - September 8, 2009

A few months ago I read an article about Sarah Jessica Parker and how her feet were essentially ruined from all the years of wearing super high heels for 14 hrs a day on the Sex and the City set.  I thought about this and then decided I was OK– I don’t wear high heels every day, and when I do, definitely not for 14 hours at a time. Phew.

However, I more recently read another article about SJP where she said she twisted her ankle from wearing cheaper, low quality shoes!  This I could definitely relate to.  A few weeks ago I had been looking for a pair of nude heels to wear to a few weddings this summer.  I looked at a few nice pairs, but couldn’t find the style I wanted so for whatever reason ended purchasing a cheap pair by Candie’s brand.  I know! What was I thinking? Here are the awful shoes, right before I threw them out:


They were OK for a few hours, but as we started going on the dance floor that night my feet were throbbing.  Not because they were too high, but because the awful pleather material was ripping up my poor toes and digging into my ankles.  Now, I am someone who NEVER takes her shoes off at a wedding and I had to take these off.  I just couldn’t take the pain!  Had I spent a little extra on some quality leather heels I would have been fine.

A perfect example would be the shoes I wore in yesterday’s post.  Even though they are way higher in heel height, they are real, quality leather and don’t cause blisters or any pain.  We danced the night away and I never even thought about taking them off until I got back to the hotel!

Let this post serve as my vow to never purchase or wear cheap shoes again!  Who is going to make this pledge with me?

Modern Girl Monday*


You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.
-Audrey Hepburn

Audrey was definitely a modern girl of her time. And the above quote was her way of saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This may very well be the simplest, yet hardest thing to do. I’ve said it before–misery loves company and we more easily bond with others over gossip and negativity!  I am certainly not perfect, but I try my hardest to bite my tongue when caught up in idle chatter.  It’s not easy, especially when its another party who is bringing up the gossipy subjects–so I try and change the subject as soon as possible.

I suppose the root of the issue is that gossiping and talking about others can make us feel better about ourselves. However, a shiny new pair of shoes or a pedicure makes me feel better about myself too.  So next time I need a pick me up– I’m going to call my manicurist to make an appointment instead of calling a friend to gossip!  Bad for my wallet, but definitely good for my soul!

*Apologies for Modern Girl Monday becoming a Tuesday this week!

Wishlist and a budget

before budget

My husband and I are currently in the process of looking for a house.  What takes the fun out of attending open houses and dreaming up decor ideas is the thought of a mortgage, and even worse, a budget.  As sad as this sounds coming from a {former} accountant, I’ve never really given myself a strict budget.  I chalk it up to working with too many numbers at work.  I didn’t want to work on numbers at home too!  Either way, with the fact that a mortgage payment is coming our way soon, the husband nudged at the idea that it may be time to change my spending habits.  But…. we don’t have a mortgage yet and of course there are a few things that I have been eying for weeks.

1) Tiffany & Co. candlesticks
I don’t have a nice set of candlesticks and while scouring the web for bridal shower gifts, I came across these beauties. I probably wont be running out to buy them anytime soon, but maybe I will buy them as a 1st anniversary present this summer. Or perhaps a moving present for our first dinner in a new house?

2) Embryolisse creme
I received a sample of their Lait-Crème Concentrè in my Birchbox shipment and just fell in love. I still have to finish the moisturizer I am currently using, but once I’m finished I’m ordering Embryolisse!

3) J.Crew Pajamas
I am kind of in love with J.Crew’s Vintage Pajamas. A little pricy, but they look so comfy and chic! A cheaper option would be Victoria’s Secret Mayfair pajamas. Which ones do I choose?

4) Superga sneakers
These are such a classic sneaker, perfect for spring. I recently tossed my plum colored Converse into the consignment bag, as I am just not feeling the color anymore. I think a nice white pair of Supergas would fit my style a bit better. I’d rather try these on than buy online, so I am searching for a local store that carries them. Any suggestions?

5) Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara
Another Birchbox item, this Lancôme mascara is easily the best I have ever used.  It has this funny squiggly brush that looks a bit awkward, but ends up being perfect for coating the inner and outer lashes perfectly.  I used to be pretty loyal to the super popular pink & green Maybelline, but not anymore!

Do I take the plunge as my last hurrah?  Or be a good girl and save my pennies?

xx Tine