Modern Tee

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When I first saw this modern t-shirt I just knew I had to have it! Pink, soft, a little hint of metallic, and just perfect. Its casual enough to wear with sweats on the way to yoga class, but it can also be dressed up a little bit for dinner at one of the pubs in town. I always love pieces that have multiple uses!

One of my other super versatile pieces is my K.Slademade clutch. I very rarely leave for a trip without packing it! Doubles as an iPad case or jewelry storage bag while traveling and can work with day or night looks.  My shoes are no longer available, but I’ve linked to some really cute options below!

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PS. Sorry Carrie Bradshaw, but I’ve had this nameplate necklace since I was in the 7th grade. A very long time before I met you!

Shoes for the Modern Girl

Last weekend I tore through my closets and really cleaned out the items that I was no longer wearing, including two bags of shoes! It’s no secret that I love shoes, but sometimes I forget actually how many shoes I own. I usually store my off-season clothes and shoes in a Tupperware bin, so to see all of them them together in a huge mountain on the floor was just crazy!

I ended up sending a majority of my clothes off to the Fashion Project, where I received a Nordstrom gift card for my donation! The remainder of the items that didn’t qualify were consigned at a local shop. Anyway, all this cleaning got me thinking, what are the types of shoes that we really need? I’m sure that we could all make do with so much less, but here are my picks for any modern girl’s shoe closet.


For me, living in New England, snow boots and rain boots are a must. If you live in an area that doesn’t get much snow, you could pass with just the rain boots, and get some thick welly socks to wear with them on colder days. Even if you loathe the gym, there is always some event where sneakers are needed, whether its a day of volunteering to paint a playground or working the water station at a charity 5k race!


For those who work in a professional environment, these are the basics. When I worked in an office I wore heels every day so not only did I have these basics, but many more! Nude pumps and black pumps would be staples that would match almost anything. I still keep a pair of black pumps in my file cabinet for emergenices! I love dressy wedges, especially for when I’m working at an event and need to be on my feet all day. I realize there may be some professional modern girls out there who just do not like to wear heels, and thats totally fine! Just sub these out with flat versions!


These would be my “everyday” choices for shoes.  I could be wearing them while running errands, grocery shopping, or walking into town. The Chucks would be the ultra-casual choice, while the ballet flats and driving moccasins are a bit dressier, depending on where I’m going.  I suppose the moccasins would be more of a fall shoe, while ballet flats are truly chic year round!


I wear boots for nearly half the year, and like to have a few styles to choose from. This year I invested in a fantastic pair of knee high boots that I’ll have forever. Ankle booties are easier to wear, and go well with skinny jeans, which is my typical choice of jean style. I’ve noticed that I gravitate towards my brown suede ones the most! Since I wear boots so often, I also like to have a pair with some kind of fun embellishment or buckles, just to change things up! 


Spring is here and that means sandal weather is around the corner! I always have a pair of fancy sandals on hand for weddings or other dressy events.  On a typical summer day you’d probably find me in casual gladiator-style sandals, as they are easy to wear with anything –jeans, shorts and dresses. Espadrille wedges are by far my favorite summer shoe since they are  easy to walk in and able to be dressed up or down.


Summer is my favorite season for shoes… so the list continues on!  Toms are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn and are easy to slip on and off, especially for traveling! I of course have a few pairs of the New England modern girl staple, the Jack Rogers sandal!  I’m loving this new style, a fresh take on their classic Navajo!  And of course, its not really summer without a pair (or 2 or 10 pairs!) of flip flops.

PS. Don’t forget to vote for me on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List! You can vote here. Merci! xx

Rules for the Modern Girl

A modern girl…


Dreams of visiting exotic and far away lands.

Sends notes to her friends, just to say hello.

Knows you shouldn’t climb Mont St. Michel in stilettos. 

Cleans out her closet each season and donates what she no longer wears.

Knows how to mix black, brown, and navy with ease.

Has a good tailor on speed dial.

Back to School


Jacket / Sunglasses / Scarf
Lipstick / Nail polish / Boots / Bag

August always makes me think about “Back to School”.  Of course all of the school supplies sales that are flooding the stores now definitely help my nostalgia kick in, and I couldn’t help but feel a little old walking by the Trapper Keepers and pencil cases while I walked through Staples with my boxes and packaging tape.  (Oh yeah, did I mention we bought a house?  More on that later!)

Since I’ve been out of school for quite some time now, “Back to School” for me really means “Shop for Fall Clothes”.  Here are some of the things I’ve had my eye on lately.   Oh, those boots!  Je mourrai!

No Makeup & The Letter D

I haven’t intentionally been rocking the “le no makeup” look, but I realized that lately I have been leaving the house pretty bare faced. I suppose it is nice to let your skin breathe every once in awhile!  I’ve also had pretty decent skin lately, and I am giving all the credit to this new wonder product.

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I’ve had my little “D” necklace for a few years now.  I special ordered it from a shop on Charles Street in Beacon Hill. When I first started wearing it, everyone asked what the “D” stood for… Come on people! My husband’s name is Doug!

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This shirt is so incredibly soft, I could wear it every day!  The front is made of a more dressy cotton, and the back and arms are a jersey material.  I think this may be part of my airplane outfit when I head to Paris in a few weeks.  Super comfy, but chic!

tine july 28 087

I’ve had these shoes for probably almost 10 years.  They are super comfortable and just so unique looking with all their colors and beads that I just could never get rid of them!  They add some nice color to a simple black and white outfit.

Shirt: Pleione (on sale now at Nordstrom!) / Skirt: Gap / Bag: Longchamp
Long Necklace: Kensie (similar) / Shoes: Chico’s, old (love these!)