Newburyport Brewing Co.

Newburyport_Brewery 1

One of the really cool things about living in Newburyport is the craft micro-brewery right around the corner from our house. Now I am not a huge fan of beer, but the Newburyport Belgian White has been a staple in our house ever since we took a brewery tour and had a chance to try out some of their offerings.

Newburyport_Brewery 2 Newburyport_Brewery 3 Newburyport_Brewery 4 Newburyport_Brewery 5 Newburyport_Brewery 7

Tours of the facilities are on Saturdays at 5pm and you can also catch local bands playing in the tasting room.  Word on the street is that on Thursdays a taco truck parks outside so you can have the best of both worlds!

Newburyport Brewing Company
4 New Pasture Road
Newburyport, MA 01950

Snowshoe Chic

Snowshoe_Chic 1

I’m SO sick of snow! We keep getting more and more every week (I think its snowing right now) and we’re finally resorting to pushing snow into the ocean now that its getting to be too much for us in the street! I tried to be optimistic and use the most recent 12″ of added snow as an opportunity to try out my new snowshoes. I scaled the 6 foot snowbank in front of my house and if it wasn’t -1* outside I would have stayed out longer! However, I’m pretty sure that Snowshoe Chic is now a thing. #snowshoechic

Hat: Nordstrom / Ski Goggles: Oakley / Jacket: DKNY, old (similar) / Pants: Zella
Snowboots: Sperry / Gloves: North Face / Snowshoes: Christmas Gift (similar)

Snowshoe_Chic 2 Snowshoe_Chic 3 Snowshoe_Chic 4 Snowshoe_Chic 5

Rules for the Modern Girl

A modern girl…


Bundles up in her chicest winter-wear!

Coat: Ralph Lauren / Boots: Sperry / Boot Cuffs: Salem Style
Hat: Nordstrom (similar) / Faux Fur Cowl: Robinwoods Design

Euro Dinner


Sometimes Doug and I will have what we call “euro dinner” which is just an assortment of meat, cheese, crusty bread, and wine. Thankfully, I recently discovered an amazing meat and cheese shop right in downtown Newburyport — the Grand Trunk Old World Market. With a great selection of meats that taste like we’re across the pond, I’m finding myself in their shop once a week to pick up some items for dinner.  Maybe not the healthiest of meals, but definitely a good one!


Our final shop of the day on my shopping day with The Boston Fashionista and Newburyport Development was Soak, or soon to be known as Soak Shoreline when they open their expanded shop of not only soap and bath products, but now also loungewear and pajamas.

Soak 1
Soak’s impressive collection of glycerine soaps line the wall as you enter.
Soak 2
Bathtime just got SO much more luxurious with one of their amazing bath bombs.
Soak 3
By far my favorite product, their sugar scrub! I’ve already gone back twice to buy more!
Soak 4
Obsessed with this LaLicious lotion in Sugar Kiss.

I will admit that even though I live in Newburyport I have peeked into Soak, but never really shopped there until this past visit. Now I am fully obsessed! I honestly cannot shower without their vanilla sugar scrub–smells like I am showering with a cupcake. I’ve also tried their shower steamers which look like these mini bath bombs, but you leave on the side of the shower instead of inside. After a few splashes of water they release an amazing aroma into the shower and because they aren’t in the direct shower stream they last for several days. Heaven!

Next time you think of shopping for any bath products head up to Soak in Newburyport!