Christmas in the City

My husband and I spent a few days in New York right before Christmas. Living in Boston I don’t get a chance to visit the Big Apple very often so I was thrilled to be there for an entire weekend. A few highlights of our trip:

Matisse exhibit at the Met
Chicago on Broadway
Christmas shops at Columbus Circle
Drinks at the Bull and Bear
Waffles in Central Park
Shopping at C.Wonder
Dinner with friends at Celsius
Watching the ice skaters at Bryant Park
Staying at the beautiful Waldorf=Astoria
Seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center
Brunch at Lexington Brass


Just a few snaps from our NYC weekend!


Lately I have been obsessed with downsizing my life. I want everything from my linen closet to my purse to be streamlined, neat and organized.

I started with the kitchen.  I cleaned out my entire pantry and threw out tons of items that were either close to expiration or that my husband and I weren’t eating.  Without all the extra clutter I was able to see that we had nearly 10 boxes of pasta and 4 bags of chips! I tossed some of those ASAP!  I also arranged everything so that all the canned goods were together, all the pasta together, etc.  Now when I go to the store, I can clearly see I have plenty of pasta, and only need to pick up the sauce!

I then tackled my bathroom.  I am such a beauty junkie and have products and samples galore.  I did a thorough “cleansing” of my cabinets, tossing all expired products and those I no longer used or needed. I did the same with all of my makeup, lotions, hair products, etc.  I even separated all my hair elastics from the bobby pins and realized I probably never need to ever by a package of bobby pins again.  You’d think I was rockin’ a serious updo every day with the number of pins I found.  I know that this picture may still look a bit cluttered, but let me tell you it is a mass improvement from what it was before.  It’s a work in progress!

On to the bedroom.  I don’t keep too many personal effects in my bedroom besides magazines and books, as I want it to be a serene place for sleeping.  Magazines get stored in a little basket and the books get stacked nicely next to the nightstand, although they probably need a permanent home soon.  The real problem is, of course, my closet. I just have too many items of clothing.  This is the horror that is my closet…..

EEK!  Stay tuned for updates.  As soon as I hit “publish” I am off to Target to pick up some Tupperware buckets.  I am not ready to part with all of my clothes just yet, but taking a cue from Jennifer of The Daily Connoisseur, I am going to store away some items to see just how much I need (or don’t need) them!


Fall is hands-down my favorite season.  I just love the crisp air, pumpkins, apple cider, foliage and, of course, the sweaters, opaque tights, boots and scarves!  This weekend was the first real fall weekend for us in Massachusetts.  I wasted no time in taking part in some of my favorite fall activities.

1st on my list was a trip to the apple farm in New Hampshire.  Husband wanted an apple pie for dessert, so we were off to go pick up some fresh apples.

Of course, we couldn’t resist having a quick snack of sweet apple cider and fresh donuts—super hot and right out of the donut making machine! There were so many people in line, I can’t believe we actually waited almost 15 minutes for 2 donuts!  However, everyone else was ordering a dozen or half-dozen, so I felt pretty good about our willpower and restraint to only have 1 each!

Me and my one little donut!  I haven’t had one in forever, and it reminded me of visits to another apple farm near my childhood home in Connecticut.  However, that farm also had apple cider donuts, which were covered in cinnamon sugar goodness! 

Sunglasses: Tory Burch  Sweater: J.Crew  Jeans: Madewell

I’d say it was a successful first weekend of fall!  I’m looking forward to carving a pumpkin, decorating my table with some fall accents like sunflowers and gourds, and wearing lots of cozy sweaters!