Snow Day

NikaSnowstorm 5

Coat: J.Crew / Pants: J.Crew / Hat: Nordstrom / Sweater: Gap
Sunglasses: House of Harlow / Boots & Welly Socks: Hunter

NikaSnowstorm 8

NikaSnowstorm 7

NikaSnowstorm 1

NikaSnowstorm 2

Thanks to snowstorm #Nika we got a lovely 12+ inches of snow last week. I think every school in New England had a snow day! It took us nearly 2 hours to shovel our front steps and dig our cars out. Thankfully, I stopped into Best of British last week to pick up some new welly socks. They are so cute, but please mother nature, no more snow!

Did you know?


For five years I was a cheerleader, and I was even Captain of the varsity squad my senior year! Many people who find out about this fact today think its very surprising.  I guess I’ve lost my spirit! In all fairness, we were never a very “spirited” team, but we did win the Sharpest Arm Motions and Most Talented Team awards. We also were pretty intense with our stunting — I even broke my foot one season when I fell from the top of a pyramid!

My favorite sport to cheer for was men’s basketball — mostly because it was inside and warm. To satisfy my nostalgia, I’ve curated a little “Varsity Collection” featuring grown-up versions of pom poms, hair bows, baseball tees, letter jackets, and more!

Just a fun little peek into my past!  Sorry about the photo quality.  None of these pictures were taken digitally #vintage!

Hot Skwash


Halloween is over, but pumpkin decor is here to stay!  This week while I had a few minutes of downtime in Florida, I discovered the most adorable pumpkin decorations by Hot Skwash.  Owner Daria Knowles creates each velvet pumpkin by hand and finishes them with a recycled pumpkin stem.  They come in the traditional fall color palette, but also in  fun colors like teal and purple.  I didn’t have much room in my suitcase, but I knew I had to take one of these beauties home with me.


My mini pumpkin now takes up residence next to our (dormant) orchid in our front window.  To shop online or  find a retailer near your check out!



Before the air turns from perfectly crisp to frosty and cold, I am trying to take advantage of the outdoors by exploring my new town. I am not ready to put on my wool coat so I have been wearing my furry vest non stop. On a different note, my hair is becoming super Rapunzel-like.  This is the longest my hair has ever been in my entire life!  I grew it as long as I could for my wedding, and I just haven’t had it cut (besides 1/4 inch trims) since then.  Anyway, since winter is approaching and I am looking for a good deep conditioner — please send any recommendations you have this way!

FallWalk (2)

Turtleneck: J.Crew / Jeans: J.Brand / Sunglasses: Prada
Booties: Dolce Vita / Vest: TJMaxx (similar) / Bag: Longchamp

FallWalk (3)

FallWalk (1)

Before & After – Kitchen Edition

When we purchased our house we knew that we wanted to repaint everything. Our house is a 1905 Victorian and all of the rooms, although recently repainted by the previous owners, were painted in “period colors” aka super dark, sad, and boring. The rooms aren’t huge, so I knew I needed some lighter colors to help open up the space.  They all feel SO much bigger already. The painting was no easy task, but thankfully its 95% finished.  Here’s a peek at our kitchen — previously a dark lime green with brick red trim:


Now a brighter mint green with cream trim:

Kitchen After

So much better! Our white kitchen island also really helps to brighten up the room and adds so much needed storage space.  Oddly enough none of the kitchen drawers were wide enough to fit our silverware tray, but they fit perfectly in the island’s drawer. My painter told me the kitchen must have been designed by a man since a woman would have thought about fitting silverware trays! We also kept the hanging utensil rack that the previous owners left as it is perfect for the spoons and spatulas we can’t fit in the utensil crock.

What do you think of our kitchen makeover?  Stay tuned for more room reveals!