Living Room Upgrade with Wayfair

Our living room has made the most dramatic transformation since we purchased our house just over a year ago.  Like many of the other rooms in the house, the living room was pained a very odd color — a pea green with a grey/brown putty trim.  Here is what the room looked like right before we moved in:


Yikes! Definitely some interesting decor to overlook, but it had some great “bones” to work with — a fireplace, bay windows, and gorgeous original hardwood floors.  Our first order of business was repainting the walls to a nice creamy vanilla color that would be a great neutral backdrop.  The room is small, so it was important for me to update the space and make it feel cozy and comfortable without overwhelming it with too much “stuff”.

DSC_0075 (2)
DSC_0042 (2)
DSC_0040 (2)

The finished room is brighter, cozier, and way less cluttered, even in such a small space. After we painted and moved in our furniture, the final touches were provided by Wayfair — a leather cube ottoman that I’ve converted to a side table, and the decorative pillows complete with a French postcard print.

The ottoman was a perfect compliment to our easy chair — I wanted something small that could just be used for a nice candle or glass of wine.  There’s no outlet on that side of the room, so anything taller or bigger, in my opinion, would have looked as if it needed a lamp. The pillows are pretty neutral, but they help brighten up the couches without being too colorful. They also are French themed, which you all know I love!

A great alternative to an ottoman is a floor poof — our Air BnB in Reims, FR had some on the floor and I really liked how they looked!  My in-laws also have a really large ottoman that they use as a coffee table. You can add a bit of color with a throw blanket, and a perfect addition since winter is on its way!

Now that I’ve sparked you decor ideas, head over to to get 15% off any Pillow, Pouf, or Throw from November 20th through November 24th.  Use the code WFPTP15!

And, of course, I couldn’t help but throw in a picture of our favorite living room resident, Zinnie! Here he is with a beak full of raspberries, one of his favorite foods!

**A few details on our other furniture: Couches are from Jennifer Convertibles, Coffee Table was a fantastic Craigslist find in Boston, Desk is an antique from my husband’s grandfather, and our easy chair and ottoman is from Overstock.

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Bedroom Upgrade with Wayfair

Doug and I have lived in three different houses and never had a proper headboard for our bed. I have been meaning to get one, but with so many other things going on we just never got around to it. However, night after night my pillows would fall behind my mattress, and the bed never looked “finished” when I made it in the morning. Here is the sad before shot of our bedroom:


Thankfully, Wayfair and their Daily Sales came to my rescue! Announced each day at noon, they have several different deals that will run for a short period of time on different types of items — home furnishings, rugs, patio accessories, you name it!  And I was in luck that this week there was a Daily Sale for bedroom furniture!


There were three headboards I liked and, of course, I sent links off to Doug for his opinion. We considered the Fenton Headboard, the Sanford Headboard and the Dexter Headboard.  In the end we decided the Fenton Headboard would be the best fit for our room — both in style and in height since we have a low sloping ceiling to worry about!


I am so thrilled with how our new headboard looks! And I was shocked at how easily and fast we put it together — 3 pieces and a few screws was all it took to connect it to our bed frame. The headboard really gives our bedroom that final touch we were missing. Now if only I could magically make the ceiling paint turn white I’d be all set!  And for those of you who were following my house transformation and painting adventures, the room color actually looked like this before we moved in:


If you’re home is in need of a little pick me up you can sign up for Wayfair’s Daily Sales below! You’ll get an email in your inbox each day with their sales so you won’t miss a chance to stock up with their crazy good deals on patio furniture, under $100 rugs, beach towels, cookware, storage solutions, and more!




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Sometimes, I just don’t know how we all manage our lives. I have work, my house, a husband, the blog, bills, freelance work, and so much more! My yard desperately needs some post-winter TLC, both bedrooms need ceiling paint, my car’s roof rack is still in a box, and the list continues. I feel like the only way to make it through the day is to be super, super organized.

I have more store discount rewards cards than I know what to do with, so I put them all in a J.Crew magic wallet. This definitely helps when I am at the Panera drive through, searching frantically for my rewards card! I have a jewelry cabinet, but I keep some of my most-loved and most-worn jewelry in a case for easy access and quick travels. I love this mint green Ted Baker case, especially with the bow!

When we moved I overhauled my closet with all new hangers, including these Laura Ashley padded hangers for delicate items. And now, I ask for all of our dry clean items to be folded so I can avoid those horrible wire hangers! Although I keep most of my scarves in a Tupperware bin under my bed, I found this neat scarf hanger to hold some of my most “popular” scarves of the week.

I hate coats draped over the side of a chair, so I promptly installed some coat hooks when we moved into our house. I love everything French/France, so my mom got me these adorable kitchen canisters for tea and sugar. I do own an iPhone, but theres something about a paper planner that just makes me feel so organized. I love Graphic Image planners the best. And finally, my husband seems to take a few days to go through his mail, so I used this fancy wire basket to store his letters and magazines in, until I can convince him to sort it!

How do you stay organized?

Peter Pilotto for Target

Peter 2
Shirt: Peter Pilotto for Target / Skirt: Express
Shoes: Zara, old (similar) / Sunglasses: H&M

I really love it when Target has it’s designer collaborations, because usually there are a few great pieces in every collection. I always seem to have great luck snagging a few items at my local stores, perhaps its my far proximity to a big city. Anyway, when Peter Pilotto for Target came out I was a little disappointed–I don’t typically wear neon neoprene crop tops. However, I do love good neon piece and snagged this top. The cold weather has kept this shirt in my closet for the past few months, but I’ve finally pulled it out of hibernation now that spring is here to stay! I also hopped on the colored-aviator wagon, but baby stepped my way in with these H&M shades. Ray-Ban makes some awesome pink and blue versions, but H&M has blue-green and gold ones for a fraction of the price!

Peter 5
Peter 1
Peter 3
Peter 4

I wonder what the next Target collaboration will be! 

Before & After: Dining Room

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a before & after update on our house and I know a few of you have been asking for new pictures! Every room in our house was repainted with a bright neutral to cover up the sad, dark paint that was here when we moved in. I chose a creamy white color reminiscent of vanilla ice cream for the living room, dining room, and stairwell walls.  It really looks so warm and inviting, but leaves a great blank canvas for our furniture and artwork.  Here is what the dining room looked like before:


Now – a brighter room with plenty of seating!


We swapped out the old chandelier for my wine glass rack chandelier which is from Pottery Barn, but sadly no longer available. Our table has a self-storing leaf, allowing us to have seating for 8 people if we need it. (The other two chairs are hiding out in the basement!) My antique china cabinet houses all of our crystal and is extra storage for some of my silver platters and dinner party items.

The bright, yet neutral walls give our artwork the perfect background.  The painting on the left is a gold silkscreen from Japan, and the painting above our bar is made from three watercolor and pen drawings that I purchased from a street artist in Paris and had framed as a set. The stained glass window shutter was left here by the previous owners and a pretty neat feature for the room — it was made out of an original window from when the house was built in 1905.

What do you think of our dining room updates?