Whatever. Make Choices.

No finer words have ever been spoken.  When my husband and I were in France on our honeymoon we would stand at the front of a restaurant and wait to be seated.  Apparently, if the restaurant is “service continu,” aka restaurant does not stop serving between lunch and dinner, you should just sit down. If you don’t see a service continu sign and it’s that ambiguous time between lunch and dinner, you can ask, but you will definitely look like a foreigner. This is 99% not the case in the US and we just could not wrap our heads around this concept. 

One day in Cannes we were waiting at the door of a small Italian restaurant.  The waiter gave us an odd look and walked right by us.  Twice this happened before we caught his attention and asked (in French) if we could sit down at a table outside. 

“Whatever. Make Choices,” was his response.

Whatever. Make Choices. Are things really that easy?