Snowshoe Chic

Snowshoe_Chic 1

I’m SO sick of snow! We keep getting more and more every week (I think its snowing right now) and we’re finally resorting to pushing snow into the ocean now that its getting to be too much for us in the street! I tried to be optimistic and use the most recent 12″ of added snow as an opportunity to try out my new snowshoes. I scaled the 6 foot snowbank in front of my house and if it wasn’t -1* outside I would have stayed out longer! However, I’m pretty sure that Snowshoe Chic is now a thing. #snowshoechic

Hat: Nordstrom / Ski Goggles: Oakley / Jacket: DKNY, old (similar) / Pants: Zella
Snowboots: Sperry / Gloves: North Face / Snowshoes: Christmas Gift (similar)

Snowshoe_Chic 2 Snowshoe_Chic 3 Snowshoe_Chic 4 Snowshoe_Chic 5

Riverside Yoga

A few weekends ago I spent the day with Kristen of The Boston Fashionista, and the fabulous ladies of Newburyport Development. They had a entire day of fun planned for us, starting with a slow flow yoga class at Riverside Yoga and Massage.

Riverside_Yoga 2

All ready to get to class!

Riverside_Yoga 3

I loved the decor inside — uncluttered and very zen!

Riverside_Yoga 5
Riverside_Yoga 6
Riverside_Yoga 7

It was such great class! Our instructor, Emma, was awesome and even though it was a slow flow class I definitely got a great workout. I was so sore the next day! After yoga I changed and headed off for an afternoon of shopping… stay tuned to see where we went!

Riverside Yoga and Massage
1 Titcomb Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Workout Wednesday

Biking 2 (1)

You can probably guess by all my Instagrams and Tweets that my new favorite activity is biking! Its been really fun the past few weekends to bike all around town — to the beach, restaurants, and even the farm! After buying the bike and helmet I invested in a few other key items — a bike basket, a rear bike rack with a detachable grocery bag, and a mirror.

While the basket is cute and the bag makes trips to the farm or beach a breeze, I really think the mirror was the best purchase. Even though we have a lot of bike lanes, it is still a little scary to ride on the road with cars, so the mirror lets me see when cars are coming up behind me and it makes taking turns so much easier!

Have you tried biking?  Even if you don’t want to buy your own bike, a lot of big cities now have a bike sharing program — like Boston’s Hubway or NYC’s Citibike! Just don’t forget your helmet!

Pink Leather Jacket

Spring_PinkLeather 2

Jacket: Zara, old / Sweatshirt: Madewell / Pants: Lululemon / Sneaks: Nike
Sunglasses: Tory Burch / Scarf: Red Bird Trading Co.

I just loooove this jacket. Pink leather from Zara a few years ago, its probably one of my most favorite items of clothing in my closet. Bought during my last busy season in accounting, I put myself on a no-spend month in order to afford it, and was so excited the day I went down to Newbury Street to pick it up. I like to think that it really goes with anything, which is why I might have felt the need to throw it on over my gym clothes when the temperature finally reached 50* last week.

Its got a tough shape with its zips and moto-detailing, but the light pink color makes it a little sweeter, and I can pair it with jeans or dresses.  Be prepared to see more of this, of course, next time it will hopefully be without the Lulu leggings.

Spring_PinkLeather 3

Spring_PinkLeather 4

My jacket is no longer available, but here are some other chic options!

PS. Don’t forget to vote for me on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List! You can vote here. Merci! xx

Fitbit x Tory Burch


Most of my friends, family and co-workers know how much I love my Fitbit.  I don’t wear it every single day (I work from home), but I try to use it for gym trips, weekend outings, days I go into Boston for work, and most definitely when I travel. This summer in Paris I was able to track how much we walked, which totaled over 65 miles in 5 days, averaging anywhere between 7 and 12 miles a day and over 20,000 steps per day.  Crazy! It made all of those salted caramel crêpes and glasses of rosé totally worth it!

So, I literally squealed with delight out loud when I saw Fitbit was teaming up with Tory Burch this spring! There are no actually pictures/photos of the products yet, but you can see some of the sketches here. If I know Tory Burch, this little tracker is going to get a super luxe makeover.