Advice from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. has launched the most darling little website, What Makes True Love. You can read the love stories of others, post your own “love”on their map, see  their suggestions on the best places for love in New York, and more!  My favorite part of the website is the Tiffany’s Tips section where they list The 40 Things Everyone in Love Should Know.  Here are some of my favorites:

Tiffany No 8

My husband’s great grandma was notorious for insisting that everyone, including children, should be drinking from the crystal Waterford glasses.  She didn’t want the family’s nicest things to sit in a cabinet collecting dust and wanted it to be for everyone to enjoy.   When I thought about it–she was so spot on!  We are always saving our best things for something else.  Why not seize the day (carpe diem!) and use your nice things now while you can enjoy them?  You never know what may happen tomorrow, so I think tonight I’ll break out our crystal Waterford flutes, and of course some champagne!

tiffany no 10

My husband and I like different things and each of our individual interest has shaped us into who we are.  So many people think that once they get married they cannot embrace their individuality or like and do things separate from their partner.  I, however, have no problem telling my husband when he is better off doing something on his own.  Of course there are so many things we do together, but when it comes to camping, certain music concerts, outdoor home improvements, and sporting events besides ice hockey, I usually leave him to do his own thing.  I think its important for each of us to be our own person first and foremost.  I think there is a famous quote that says you need to take care and love yourself before you can do so for another.


Be sure to head over to to check out all 40 of the Tiffany’s Tips!

xx Tine



Christine_Blog_Photos 029

In an epic blogging failure, this was the only picture my husband was able to snap this weekend before the camera battery died.  I was just about to head down to the Cape to visit my parents, but due to the awful weather, I ended up staying home.  My town wasn’t hit too bad, but the Cape got over foot of snow and had wind gusts over 45 mph.  That was all I had to hear to keep me off the tiny 2 lane bridge!  So, I spent the day bundled up on the couch “recharging” just like my camera batteries.  I did trek out for a trip to a local antique store where I picked up a footed silver platter for my little “gin bar”.  Pictures to come soon!  I also picked up a days worth of a sneezy, stuffy nose– there was antique dust sitting atop all of the shop’s items.  Achoo!

Sunglasses: House of Harlow    Coat: Storets    Sweater: J.Crew    Jeans: Madewell    Boots: Hunter   Lips: Nars Schiap   Necklaces: unknown (similar)

Basement treasures


I live in a house that has been in my husband’s family for many generations.  Being rather old, the house has many quirks and charms.  For instance, the old shoe they found tucked up in the rafters while they were renovating.  We later learned that it was an old Irish tradition to hide a shoe in the rafters of a new house as it was built to ward off evil spirits!

One day while I was in the basement, I came across an old box of glass bottles covered in dirt.  Curious, I brought them upstairs and spent the next hour scrubbing and cleaning them off.  To my surprise they were antique milk jars from the town’s old dairy farm.  I showed them to my husband’s grandmother who immediately started to reminisce about getting ice cream from the farm when she was a child.

Sadly, I don’t get my milk delivered to the house in a cute glass bottle, but I do have these wonderful antiques that I rescued from the basement. Most of the time I use them for little bouquets of flowers like these hyacinths I picked up today, but the jars still look just as pretty sitting atop my china cabinet when they aren’t in use.

Have you ever found something old and unique hiding in your house?

Have you met my family?

Christine_Blog_Photos 009

Every year for Christmas my husband buys me a Russian doll. It was probably a whim purchase at first, but since then it has become a tradition.  I always look forward to opening each one to see what he has picked out and in the November and early December time frame I drop some less-than-subtle hints that I would be super sad to not receive one of these gorgeous dolls!  This year’s doll is the largest I have; she’s the one with daisies the 2nd to the left.  The first doll he bought me is in the middle.  She is the only one I have who is not painted with a shiny gloss coat.  She also was the only one who had a pretty Tiffany’s ring hiding inside of her.

My Russian doll family sits (rather regally I must say) on the bookshelf in our living room. Sometimes I wonder what my collection will look like in 20, 30, 40 years. Will Doug continue to buy them for me? If so, will we have to dedicate an entire room to our Russian doll family?  I suppose time will only tell!

Do you have any traditions in your family?


In light of some recent events that have shattered the hearts of our dear friend and his family, I’m not going to talk about weddings today.  Instead, I’m just going to say something about love.

Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven,
Where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us,
To let us know they are happy.