Snail Mail

I love to send snail mail. Cards, letters, little packages — I just think that its so nice to get a piece of mail thats not a bill or junk. I know that its better to give than receive, so I’m always sending off little surprises in the mail for friends and family.

Hallmark_Signature_Style 1

I also take my holidays super seriously and can spend hours in the store looking through all of the card racks of Hallmark Signature (my favorite!) for the perfect one.  Not too sappy, not too serious, and with just enough style. Hallmark Signature provides the perfect cards for any occasion — a wedding, baby shower, birthday, or just to say hello. As a modern girl with her own unique style, when I send a card I want it to be a reflection of me and the sentiments I’m trying to send.

Hallmark was sweet enough to send me a few of their new Signature cards — a crazy skull that would be perfect for my brother’s birthday, a pretty sequined card with a blank inside so I can write my own sentiment, and a card thats set up like a book which would be perfect for when you have lots of people signing a card. I sat outside on my patio and wrote up a few nice notes to some friends and family — I hope they are excited when they see them in the mail!

Hallmark_Signature_Style 2


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Costa Rica

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (and if you’re not you should be!) you know that I spent last week in Costa Rica with my family! Its been a place on our “must visit” list for awhile now– my great grandfather was born in San Jose — and we finally made the trip happen this year. We stayed at the JW Marriott in Guanacaste, which is about an hour or so from Liberia — depending on how fast you can drive on dirt roads!

Costa_Rica 1

We did a whole lot of nothing on the trip, and it was perfect! We swam in the infinity pool, lounged in hammocks, searched for shells on the beach, drank fruity cocktails, and watched the sun set over the Pacific every night.

Costa_Rica 2

One day we got ambitious and ventured out on a tour of a coffee plantation to learn how Costa Rica harvests and produces their 100% Arabica coffee. We even got to see some traditional Costa Rican dancing as a “surprise” from our tour guide. The trip to the plantation was an experience all in itself — 2 hours of driving in a van on dirt roads with more potholes than I had ever seen in my entire life. We saw a lot of people riding dirt bikes and ATVs in the road — much better vehicle choices for the terrain!!

Costa_Rica 3

The coffee in Costa Rica is amazing — its such a small country compared to other coffee producers that they focus on quality and not quantity. Definitely a modern girl philosophy! And once we were on the tour it was easy to see why — I was so surprised to hear about how much work goes into picking the coffee beans — one 25 lb. basket only yields about 8 lbs. of finished coffee beans!

Costa_Rica 5

Our beach was so nice and secluded — there were hardly any other people were around! Doug and I took a long walk and I found so many unique shells on the beach that I had never seen before. I smuggled a few home and I may try to make a necklace out of them for next summer.

Costa_Rica 7

I shared most of my sunset photos on my Instagram page, but this one was from our last night and its just too pretty to not post here too. The colors were different every day — sometimes the sky was a bright orange like this night, and other nights were pink.  If you want to go “off the grid” for a little bit I’d highly recommend Costa Rica, especially Guanacaste.  Outside of the hotel property (which was about 10 mins off the main road anyway!) was so rural and had an easygoing, relaxed feel to it. After all, the country’s motto is “pura vida”!

Tweed Shorts for Winter

Thanksgiving_Outfit 5
Turtleneck & Shorts: Old Navy / Tights: Hue / Booties: Zara / Faux Fur Scarf: self made
Jacket: Vintage Mink / Earrings: David Yurman / Lipstick: Hourglass

We got a modest blanket of snow right before Thanksgiving — just enough to cover the ground, but not so much that our travel plans were delayed.  We headed up to the beach in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving Day for a traditional turkey dinner with all of the fixings.

I found these tweed shorts at Old Navy a few weeks ago and just fell in love. I can’t wear them to work — but they are so fun for a date night or holiday party. Doug had some reservations about me wearing “shorts” in the winter, but I did my best to explain that with some opaque tights they were okay. And with my fur coat I’d never get cold — its the warmest coat I have ever owned!

Thanksgiving_Outfit 2
Thanksgiving_Outfit 3
Thanksgiving_Outfit 4
Thanksgiving_Outfit 11

Thanksgiving_Outfit 10

Fishtails, Family, and a Walk on the Beach

Beach_Night 5

The other night we got together for Doug’s grandmother’s birthday.  She lives right on the beach so almost every trip up to her house ends with a nice walk along the water.  The kids jump in the ocean and play touch football while the rest of us sit on the sand and take in the amazing view.

Beach_Night 4
Beach_Night 6 Beach_Night 2

Gram and Meg make their blog debut! Meg is one of my blog’s biggest fans so its about time she finally posed for a picture!! And I have to give credit to her oldest daughter, Lidet, who did my gorgeous fishtail braid!

Old San Juan

Puerto_Rico 10

Shirt: Madewell / Shorts: Target / Sunglasses: H&M / Necklace: Bobbles & Lace
Bag: Longchamp / Earrings: Nordstrom / Shoes: TJ Maxx / Writsband: FitBit Flex

Puerto_Rico 11
Puerto_Rico 14
Puerto_Rico 15
Puerto_Rico 18
Puerto_Rico 19

After being total lumps on the beach all day, we drove into Old San Juan one night for some shopping, sightseeing, and dinner. I’ve been to Old San Juan before, but it had been a while, so it was fun to see the fortress and elaborate cemetery. We spent the night wandering around the city and ended up having dinner at Triana’s where we ate some Spanish tapas and watched a flamenco show!

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