Live by the Queen’s Mantra

Its pretty much a given that I will flip through any magazine in the checkout line that has Kate Middleton on it.  I try not to buy the weeklies, because most of the stories and pictures end up on the Internet anyway, but when I saw that OK! had an entire issue dedicated to the Duchess, well, I had to buy it!  Although I had seen most of the photos before, I really liked reading the “before she was famous” stories about Kate as a child and her parent’s early jobs at British Airways.  There was also a pretty big section on how Kate had proven herself worthy of being a princess, years before their engagement.  The best part of the magazine feature, and probably worth the entire amount I paid for the issue, was this tiny caption underneath a photo of Kate and the Queen.   It said:

Live by the Queen’s mantra: “Never complain, never explain.”

Just let that sit with you for a second.  Aren’t those words just genius?   I know that complaining can be a way of breaking the ice and making friends.  You know, misery loves company?  But complaining really is not chic.  So next time you just want to rant about how much you hate something, bite your tongue and think–will saying these words really make me feel better?  Most likely it wont! If you really need to, write it down and then tear up the paper.  Or say it aloud to yourself when you are alone. Whatever you do, keep it to yourself!

And so you see that the Queen is just the same as you and me:


Yes.  This is the Queen of England.  She is wearing a hoodie while driving her car.

Mad Hatter


I have always loved hats.  When I was a young child, I was always wearing one, whether it was to school, around the house, out to a family dinner, or just running errands with my mom.  Sadly, nobody (besides me) wears hats these days.  I find myself wishing that I was Kate Middleton (or perhaps just British) so that it would be socially acceptable for me to wear a hat at practically every event I attended.  But, alas, I live the the US where wearing a hat is not a popular practice.  Sigh.

To indulge in my hat fantasies, I have tried my best to incorporate them whenever I can. When my mother-in-law offered to throw me a bridal shower last spring, I asked her if it could be a “Mad Hatter” themed shower.  She happily obliged my childhood dream and all of the attendees, including children, wore a hat (see the top left and bottom left photos above!).  I also have planned a tea party each year for my sorority’s Founder’s Day at the whimsy Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge, MA.  You bet each year I’ve worn a fascinator (see top right photo above!).

Summertime is a great time to break out the straw hats, as they tend to be a bit more acceptable here in the States.  I have a million straw hats and Panama style hats, like the J.Crew one I am sporting above.  Not only are they fashionable, but they are also practical and shade your face from the sun! Of course, I can’t leave out my winter hats.  The black knit beanie from Nordstrom was a staple in my wardrobe this winter!

I have six (6!) weddings to go to this summer, but I think I’d be seen as total nut wearing a hat to any of the outdoor ceremonies.  What do you think?

And just because I can’t help myself, here are a few of my Kate Middleton hat and fascinator favorites:




Advice from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. has launched the most darling little website, What Makes True Love. You can read the love stories of others, post your own “love”on their map, see  their suggestions on the best places for love in New York, and more!  My favorite part of the website is the Tiffany’s Tips section where they list The 40 Things Everyone in Love Should Know.  Here are some of my favorites:

Tiffany No 8

My husband’s great grandma was notorious for insisting that everyone, including children, should be drinking from the crystal Waterford glasses.  She didn’t want the family’s nicest things to sit in a cabinet collecting dust and wanted it to be for everyone to enjoy.   When I thought about it–she was so spot on!  We are always saving our best things for something else.  Why not seize the day (carpe diem!) and use your nice things now while you can enjoy them?  You never know what may happen tomorrow, so I think tonight I’ll break out our crystal Waterford flutes, and of course some champagne!

tiffany no 10

My husband and I like different things and each of our individual interest has shaped us into who we are.  So many people think that once they get married they cannot embrace their individuality or like and do things separate from their partner.  I, however, have no problem telling my husband when he is better off doing something on his own.  Of course there are so many things we do together, but when it comes to camping, certain music concerts, outdoor home improvements, and sporting events besides ice hockey, I usually leave him to do his own thing.  I think its important for each of us to be our own person first and foremost.  I think there is a famous quote that says you need to take care and love yourself before you can do so for another.


Be sure to head over to to check out all 40 of the Tiffany’s Tips!

xx Tine


In love with Graphic Image

I first learned about Graphic Image through Hopsy of Monograms and Manicures.  She is a huge fan and has posted quite a bit about her own Graphic Image items. She is also a great blogger friend who is always sharing with her readers news about when they are having their huge sales!

My first Graphic Image purchase was a monogrammed address book.  I had been collecting addresses on little scraps of paper for awhile (horrifying), and then for our wedding I did put most on an Excel spreadsheet, but I really longed for a permanent place to keep them.  I confirmed this as I was writing out my Christmas cards.  Something about writing them whilst sitting at my computer just felt wrong.  So I ordered myself a chic, yet modern (of course) pink leather address book with my new initials embossed in luxe gold leaf.

Christine_Blog_Photos 019

When 2013 was just around the corner, I decided it was time to order a new datebook.  I waited until I got the email about Graphic Image’s winter sale and I took a few minutes to peruse the sale items, hoping to find something a datebook that I liked.  I was shocked when I saw that my beloved “Entertaining” journal had made the sale (and by nearly 50% off!) that I literally jumped at the opportunity to purchase it.  My husband and I host friends for dinner and games all the time, and I just love that now I can document these occasions—no matter how big or small!

Christine_Blog_Photos 020

I also ordered their tiny 5″ 2013 pink leather pocket datebook in the “New York” edition. Graphic Image’s winter sale is still going on until February 25th with different sale items offered every week.  My Entertaining book is already sold out, but there are still lots of other items available!