Before & After – Kitchen Edition

When we purchased our house we knew that we wanted to repaint everything. Our house is a 1905 Victorian and all of the rooms, although recently repainted by the previous owners, were painted in “period colors” aka super dark, sad, and boring. The rooms aren’t huge, so I knew I needed some lighter colors to help open up the space.  They all feel SO much bigger already. The painting was no easy task, but thankfully its 95% finished.  Here’s a peek at our kitchen — previously a dark lime green with brick red trim:


Now a brighter mint green with cream trim:

Kitchen After

So much better! Our white kitchen island also really helps to brighten up the room and adds so much needed storage space.  Oddly enough none of the kitchen drawers were wide enough to fit our silverware tray, but they fit perfectly in the island’s drawer. My painter told me the kitchen must have been designed by a man since a woman would have thought about fitting silverware trays! We also kept the hanging utensil rack that the previous owners left as it is perfect for the spoons and spatulas we can’t fit in the utensil crock.

What do you think of our kitchen makeover?  Stay tuned for more room reveals!

Oscar DIY la Renta

Due to my upcoming move I’ve been visiting Wal-Mart a little too often for my liking. But it’s really the cheapest place to buy space bags, boxes, tape, and industrial-sized bubble wrap! The other day, I was rounding the corner of the electronics section with my shopping cart of boxes and making a beeline for the cash registers, when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.  Bright pink tassel earrings. Now for months and months I have been drooling over these Oscar de la Renta tassel earrings that I first spotted on one of my favorite Texas-turned-NYC bloggers, Krystal, but couldn’t justify hefty price tag. But for $5.98, I threw the pink tassels in my cart and figured I could maybe do a little DIY project with them later.

DIY earrings 1

When I got home I dug through my box of art supplies for some high gloss black paint and a foam brush.  Then I got to work painting the earrings–turning them from bright Barbie pink into a sleeker, shiny black.

DIY earrings 2

They certainly aren’t Oscar, but they’ll do… for now!

Hats off to Wedding Season!

Wedding Hats

I know, I know…. More hats!!!  But my first wedding of the season is coming up in a few weeks and I have already been told that I can wear a big hat!  (You can’t take it back now!)  I am searching and searching for the perfect hat or fascinator to wear to the ceremony.  I am most likely wearing a bright pink, cap sleeved dress that I bought at H&M in the fall, so I am leaning towards a black or pink hat.  My instinct is telling me to pick a black hat/fascinator, and then DIY add-in a few pink accents myself, that way I can re-purpose the hat again later on.  I also need to make sure that the hat is small enough to carry on an airplane.

I peeked into TJ Maxx the other day, as that is where I bought my fabulous wedding shower hat, but they didn’t have anything I liked.  I’ve also seen a ton of cute hats on Etsy, but I really feel like I need to try the hat on first!  So, I guess I’m still on the hunt!  Speaking of my wedding shower hat, I haven’t worn it since last April.  Maybe I’ll pull it out for Easter this year!

So, what do you think? Pink hat? Black hat? Black hat with DIY pink accents? So many choices!