New Year’s Brunch

Wentworth_By_The_Sea 7

This year we started a New Year’s tradition of brunch at Wentworth by the Sea, an adorable late 1800’s Victorian hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My New Year’s Eve was pretty mild (I fell asleep at 11:30!), so when I woke up I packed a few party hats to use as table decorations, threw on my fur, and headed up for brunch.

Wentworth_By_The_Sea 2
Wentworth_By_The_Sea 3

You really can’t go wrong with a lobster roll in New England — and their lemon scented mayo was the perfect touch. I missed my glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve, so I celebrated with an afternoon glass of cava.

Wentworth_By_The_Sea 6

The hotel was still decorated for the holidays — I heard its bad luck to take down your tree before New Year’s Day — so we were still able to enjoy all the pretty decorations and twinkly lights.

Wentworth_By_The_Sea 1

Outdoor outfit photos were at a minimum since it was a chilly 20* outside this morning, but I paired a J.Crew Sweater with my favorite Paige Jeans, leather Zara boots, a monogrammed Gigi New York bag, and my vintage fur jacket.

Happy New Year! 

Euro Dinner


Sometimes Doug and I will have what we call “euro dinner” which is just an assortment of meat, cheese, crusty bread, and wine. Thankfully, I recently discovered an amazing meat and cheese shop right in downtown Newburyport — the Grand Trunk Old World Market. With a great selection of meats that taste like we’re across the pond, I’m finding myself in their shop once a week to pick up some items for dinner.  Maybe not the healthiest of meals, but definitely a good one!

Cooking with La Cuisine Paris

La_Cuisine_Paris 18

When planning my trip to Paris I not only enlisted the help of BeFrnch for my packing my suitcase, but also for some real-life French things to do around the city!  Having already visited most of the popular tourist attractions in Paris, I wanted to do something a little more unique, so when Jessica suggested taking a French Market Class with La Cuisine Paris I jumped at the opportunity.

La_Cuisine_Paris 2 La_Cuisine_Paris 3

We started off the class by visiting a local market! We met our chef, Emilie, right outside the Marché Maubert where we did some quick introductions and started to explore the market! Emilie walked us through the market stopping at all the different stalls and explaining to us all the important things to look for when choosing our foods. For example, you should always buy your rabbit whole, and fish should still be “stiff” when you hold it, and the eyes should not be dried out. We settled on white fish with Béarnaise sauce, fingerling potatoes, turnips, onions, and pumpkin squash with a strawberry and pistachio creme dessert.

La_Cuisine_Paris 10 La_Cuisine_Paris 12 La_Cuisine_Paris 13 La_Cuisine_Paris 14

When we got back to the school we tied on our aprons and got to work! We all had jobs to do — prepping the potatoes, chopping and baking the squash, filleting the fish, mixing the pistachio creme, everything!  I volunteered to stuff the potatoes with rosemary and bay leaves while Doug tried his hand at fish filleting.

La_Cuisine_Paris 15

We sat down to enjoy some wine and eat a cheese and salad course while Emilie put some finishing touches on the meals. I’m not fond of cheese, but the group seemed to really love the selection that Emilie picked out. And lucky for her none of use seemed to want to eat the foie gras and she was so happy to take the rest home!

La_Cuisine_Paris 16

Our finished dish looked and tasted amazing! We wrapped the fish in these little aluminum foil packets which helped keep them from drying out in the oven. The turnips were pretty good — and a new vegetable for me as I had never really tried it before!

La_Cuisine_Paris 17

And the dessert…. amazing! I felt bad because I couldn’t really enjoy it since I was so full, but it really was quite amazing. Strawberries, a layer of fresh creme, another layer of pistachio cream, and then topped with pistachio brittle that we made earlier in class. Fantastique!

La Cuisine Paris
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