Monday is NOT Polite

It seems that Monday sneaks up on me every week, but it is even worse when you just had a 4-day holiday weekend!  But this particular Monday just seems even more terrible than usual because I had such a fabulous holiday weekend with my family and didn’t want to head back to reality.  At least I can look at the pictures!


A few long weekend highlights:

It was my dad’s birthday so we took him out on a Monomoy Seal Cruise.  We saw thousands of seals!  It was really fun, only about 1.5 hours, but of course we all got off the boat totally sunburned!  This week I am going to be damage controlling with some lunches outside and self tanner to fix the tan lines on my back!


I dressed up in my very best festive Fourth of July outfit, complete with red ankle tie sandals.  Top, cardigan, and shorts are from J.Crew Factory, bag is JPK Paris and my shoes are a few years old from H&M.


My tomato plant is doing fabulously– and I have 10 tomatoes that are looking pretty awesome and a few others that are starting to bloom.  Not pictured are my basil, orange mint, lemon balm, peppermint, parsley, rosemary and lavender plants which are also doing great!  The only sad soul was my cilantro which just did not seem to like my sunny patio.  Oh well!


I tried my first Marylou’s– it was pretty good!  I was overwhelmed with how many flavors they had.  Next time I might have to Google their menu first!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Sharks, Chocolate & Freedom

Our Memorial Day weekend on the Cape was nice and relaxing.  Even though it was rainy and chilly it was fun to walk around.  When we got too cold we stopped at our favorite coffee shop, Monomoy Coffee Co. to warm up.  Back at the house we cooked dinner, and watched The Tourist and The Matador.  I’m not on Team Angelina, but I do like her in The Tourist.  I also downloaded Dan Brown’s newest book, Inferno.  I can’t wait to start reading it on the plane this afternoon!   Here are a couple of snapshots of this weekend:


Doug pondering life & freedom

sharks in the park 2

A bridal shark

sharks in the park

Making friends with the Sharks in the Park

choco madness

This dessert at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow looked amazing, but way too rich to eat!

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

If Memorial Day was sunny…


Bathing Suit / Flip Flops / Lip balm (with SPF!) / Face Spray
Hat / Book / Straw Tote / Sunscreen

The forecast for this weekend is less than ideal.  Rainy, cold temps, thunderstorms, and wind!  Instead of thinking about what I can do this weekend, I keep dreaming about the beautiful beach day that is clearly not going to happen.  I received a sample of the Coola sunscreen in my most recent Birchbox, but I think I will need to wait a bit longer to try it out!   The only thing I had planned on doing that still seems like an option is to finish The Great Gatsby again before I go see it in the theaters.  I guess it’s time to go unpack my bikini and sun hat and go search for my Hunters and rain jacket!

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is relaxing and fun… despite the weather!



My parents recently bought a townhouse on Cape Cod and I have been trying to get there for weekend getaway about once a month.  I love the Cape in the off season, as the town is rather quiet and there aren’t too many tourists.

I drove down on Friday night and spent the weekend relaxing, cooking bolognese sauce, napping, and reading.   Saturday morning I took a drive to the beach and took the photo above (not bad for an iPhone!).  I don’t know if you can tell, but there is still snow covering the sand!

I hope all of you had a relaxing weekend too!


Christine_Blog_Photos 029

In an epic blogging failure, this was the only picture my husband was able to snap this weekend before the camera battery died.  I was just about to head down to the Cape to visit my parents, but due to the awful weather, I ended up staying home.  My town wasn’t hit too bad, but the Cape got over foot of snow and had wind gusts over 45 mph.  That was all I had to hear to keep me off the tiny 2 lane bridge!  So, I spent the day bundled up on the couch “recharging” just like my camera batteries.  I did trek out for a trip to a local antique store where I picked up a footed silver platter for my little “gin bar”.  Pictures to come soon!  I also picked up a days worth of a sneezy, stuffy nose– there was antique dust sitting atop all of the shop’s items.  Achoo!

Sunglasses: House of Harlow    Coat: Storets    Sweater: J.Crew    Jeans: Madewell    Boots: Hunter   Lips: Nars Schiap   Necklaces: unknown (similar)