Daytrip to Santa Barbara

Santa_Barbara 1

Last weekend Doug and I woke up and decided it might be fun to take little trip to Santa Barbara. About 1.5-2 hours north of Los Angeles its not an awful drive, so we just grabbed some coffee and hopped into the car.

Our first stop was just a few miles south of Santa Barbara in a little town called Summerland. We stopped into the  wine tasting room of Summerland Winery, and then popped into a few antique shops before we headed up to Santa Barbara.  And the lovely ladies that worked at Summerland were nice enough to give us some lunch and winery recommendations for the rest of our day so we didn’t even need to plan our trip!

Santa_Barbara 2 Santa_Barbara 3 Santa_Barbara 6 Santa_Barbara 7 Santa_Barbara 8 Santa_Barbara 5 Santa_Barbara 4

Chambray Shirt / White Jeans / Jean Jacket
Earrings from Istanbul (similar) / Bag / Sunglasses / Sandals

We  stopped at a few tasting rooms and had an amazing lunch at Seven Bar & Kitchen. I definitely think that Santa Barbara would be a really amazing weekend trip — we were so preoccupied with the tasting rooms in town that we didn’t really get to spend any time next to the ocean. I’ve been doing a little Air BnB research for some places that will let us bring Zinnie along — hopefully there will be another Santa Barbara trip soon!

Weekend Plans

My weekends since moving to California have become so much more active. We’re either going to brunch with friends, biking along the coast, or shopping at the local farmer’s market. My style has also adapted to the low-key and laid-back lifestyle here — everyone is in t-shirts and jeans!  Here’s a look at this past weekend…

Banana_Republic 10
Banana_Republic (3)
Banana_Republic 12
Banana_Republic (5)

Saturday we hit up the Farmer’s Market — I love buying fresh flowers (the selection is amazing) and fruits/vegetables for the week. Every weekend I try to pick a new market to visit and so far we’ve been to the markets in Mar Vista, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and Playa Vista.

For an easy look for heading to the market, I wore my Banana Republic Boyfriend Chino Crops with an old jean jacket and some leather sandals. Its gorgeous and sunny here almost every single day, but still sometimes in the low 60s in the morning, so the cropped length was perfect.

Banana_Republic (1)
Banana_Republic 1
Banana_Republic (6)

Sundays in California were totally meant for brunch with huevos rancheros (or breakfast burritos!), mimosas, and great friends. After brunch we took a walk down the pier at Hermosa Beach to watch the surfers and then biked to Venice Beach for a post-brunch nap.

I wore my Banana Republic Button-Front Denim Skirt with a casual linen shirt and my go-to leather sandals. It was a bit breezy, but it was a beautiful day to walk along the water.

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Life Lately


Life has just been crazy lately.  Back to back business trips all across the country, the huge stress of flying Zinnie out to California on an airplane all by myself, and battling a nasty case of bronchitis have really dragged me down. I also haven’t seen my husband in weeks and can’t go to spin until my bronchitis is fully gone, but there have also been some fun things in the mix…

-I went to Lauren Roxburgh’s foam rolling event in Santa Monica and I am totally hooked! I just started her 21 day program and although I have a medium sized foam roller, I may upgrade to her 36″ foam roller soon!

-I snagged these gladiator sandals last week and I can’t wait to wear them. They will be so versatile the spring and summer and they are wicked comfy. Oh yeah, they’re also under $40!

-I’ve been working on building my website for my coaching business and I’m getting really excited to launch it. My goal is for it to be live on April 1st! (No joke!) I’ll be specializing in helping millennials and young professionals find purpose in their lives, especially those who are navigating early career changes. After years of college and higher education and late nights at work, many of us have stopped to look up from our desks and realized that we’re no longer inspired in our daily lives. Know someone who may be interested in life coaching? Send them my way at

-My desk chair broke (bummer), but I’m looking at it as a shopping opportunity and I’m going to be replacing it instead of trying to repair it. So I’ve been popping into Home Goods on the regular to see what they have in stock, but I’m also eyeing this  vintage inspired chair.

-Took a drive up the coast to Malibu and saw the cutest seaside restaurant, Malibu Farm.  Its organic, farm-to-table, locally sourced, and family owned! We only stopped for some coffee that day, but I will definitely be making some brunch reservations there soon!

Here’s to a less stressful week!

Relaxed California Style

We just moved into our new apartment in Marina Del Rey and I’m all set to unpack and redecorate our new place. We definitely have less space than we did before, so we will be getting creative with storage and putting a lot of our excess furniture into storage.

A lot of our decor from Newburyport will transition nicely to California, but I’m hoping to give our new place a lighter, more “West Coast” vibe. I created an Idea Board on to organize my ideas and I’ve already settled on blues and greens in the bathrooms, and I’m thinking of continuing the theme into the living room. Most of our other furniture will fit, but the living room is my place to completely redecorate since we’re replacing our couches, the movers broke our floor lamp, and our dark, wine-colored Chenille pillows will be donated to Goodwill.

Wayfair Idea Board

Rug / Sea Urchin Paperweights / Hurricane Glass
Blanket (on sale!) / Throw Pillow / Painting
Floor Lamp / Ottoman / Couch (on sale!)

Even though I’m still on the ocean, I feel like California has a different kind of “nautical” feel than New England. Its no longer about anchors, lobsters, lighthouses or buoys, but its about a more laid-back and relaxed ocean vibe. I feel like the array of different blue-greens that are in the painting really pull together the other items creating a cohesive, yet still modern and fresh look. I don’t want anything too matchy-matchy or look like we tried to hard for those laid-back and relaxed vibes!

The apartment is still a scary mess of dismantled furniture and boxes, but I’ll be sure to give you a tour once we’re fully settled!


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Los Angeles, California


Its officially been almost three weeks since we moved to California and I must say they have flown by. Since we landed we’ve been non stop busy and I’m really hoping that things settle down soon. An idea of what we’ve been up to:

  • Visited with old friends
  • Made some new friends
  • Ate at In-n-Out burger
  • Went to a surprise party
  • Ate macarons at Bouchon Bakery
  • Toured a million apartments
  • Did laundry 50 times (we only have 1 suitcase of clothes!)
  • Went to an “unlimited mimosa” brunch
  • Decided on an apartment in Marina Del Rey
  • Ate at Blue Plate Taco… twice
  • Went hiking in the Pacific Palisades
  • Fired/Hired yet another car shipping company
  • Took a quick work trip to St. Louis
  • Highlighted my hair super blonde

Cali_Roadtrip 6

I feel so disoriented and out of place, but we’re moving into our new apartment on Monday and I hope things start to settle down and feel normal soon.  I just got a box of clothes in the mail (thanks Kathy!!) and I can’t wait to finally wear something other than the same 2-3 things everyday.  And my car should be arriving soon! The new shipping company we found ships via boat through the Panama Canal — so I am just hoping that by end of week next week it shows up and it didn’t get lost in the Bermuda Triangle!! So here’s to a successful move-in week at our new apartment in Marina Del Rey!

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