Fair Isle Cozy

Nbpt_ 1
Sweater, Jeans & Top: c/o Old Navy | Shoes: Dolce Vita | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Necklace: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox | Scarf: Soak Shoreline

It may not look like winter up here in New England, but today it certainly felt like it! There’s nothing I love more than a super cozy sweater on a cold day. I wrapped up in this cozy Fair Isle sweater from Old Navy for a quick walk on the beach at Plum Island before we headed home to host a little holiday party for some friends and family. I loved that the sweater feels like a really chic blanket. The sides are perfectly drapey, but the sleeves are still fitted so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I have a feeling this sweater is going to be on repeat until the spring!

Nbpt_ 4 Nbpt_1a Nbpt_ 3

Thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring Rules for the Modern Girl.

Hello, again…

Hello_Again (1)

It’s been awhile, I know… earlier this summer things were just a little bit of a mess for me. I was traveling non stop, my workload was insane, and my health was taking a serious downturn. Something had to give. And sadly, that something was this blog. I feel honored that many of you noticed my absence, and believe me, I have thought about this blog every day since I last posted in August. I also worked hard through my busy conference season, took some baby steps to get my health back on track, and thought a lot about what I wanted to do when I felt up to returning back to blogging.


Am I a fashion blogger? A lifestyle blogger? Do I make a 180 and start something new?  Should I rebrand? Change my name? Quit the blog all together? These are just a few of the many thoughts I’ve had over the past few months. But it all came down to one thing really… I started this blog in 2009 to have fun! I didn’t start it so it could be a burden or chore, but rather to be a creative and fun outlet.

So with that, I’ve decided to give this blogging another go, although it may be a bit slow at first and things will definitely be a little different. While I’ve been gone some crazy things have happened over here and we have some huge news we’re dying to share, but we can’t just yet… so stay tuned!

Turquoise Tassels & Lace

BBBos_Outfit_Nbpt 1
Shirt: AliKat / Tank: Halogen / Jeans: Hollister, old (similar) / Shoes: Via Spiga
Earrings: Lisi Lerch via Design Darling / Rings: Bara Boeme & Nordstrom Rack

On Saturday I had so much fun attending the Blog Better Boston Blog Beautiful Conference. It was my third conference that the BBBos team has put on and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I was able to hang with my friends Jess, Lianna, and Noelle, and learn a few new tips and tricks about photography, Instagram, graphic design, and more!

Of course the day before the conference I was freaking out about what to wear, so during lunch I ran down the street to AliKat to check out some of their new arrivals. I spotted this lace shirt and knew it would be the perfect top to wear — the long sleeves are nice since its still cool out, but it was still springy enough to pair with my wedge sandals.

I had been saving these tassel earrings from Design Darling for months, just waiting for a special occasion to wear them! When I opted to not wear them to a wedding earlier this month, I knew BBBos would be the place to break them out!  They were a huge hit, but I must say my ears were a little sore the next day!

BBBos_Outfit_Nbpt 2 BBBos_Outfit_Nbpt 3 BBBos_Outfit_Nbpt 4 BBBos_Outfit_Nbpt 5 BBBos_Outfit_Nbpt 6 BBBos_Outfit_Nbpt 7

Modern Girl on the Go with Lenovo

Lenovo_Yoga 3

I am a Modern Girl on the go — juggling a full time job, a coaching certificate program, my blog, as well as my home and social life. I am always looking for new tips, tricks and tools to help me get everything I need done. I know that I need the best in order to perform at my best! So I was super intrigued when Lenovo sent me their YOGA Tablet 2 Pro — designed by none other than Ashton Kutcher! (Who knew he was their product engineer?!) I took it for a spin to see if it could keep up to my busy life.

Lenovo_Yoga 2 (1)

Last month I was having a little cabin fever from all of our snow, so I packed up the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro and headed to a nearby coffee shop to test it out! I loved how lightweight the tablet was, despite having a full 13.3 inch screen. It make my trek into town a little easier than  if I had packed a full-sized laptop.

Lenovo_Yoga 9

The first thing I noticed was how bright and sharp the screen was. I couldn’t wait to read through my favorite blogs, scroll through Instagram, and watch movies on Netflix. I love its built in stand design and how sleek it looks. But I was super surprised to find that it also has a Pico projector built into the side, which would be awesome for presentations, meetings, and on-the-go movie nights!

Lenovo_Yoga 7

Blogging with the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro has been really easy — with the Play Store at my disposal I’ve been able to download Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, as well as any other app imiaginable that I may need.  With all the apps on my tablet I can keep up with Rules for the Modern Girl while I’m on the go, or even just at home on the couch!

Lenovo_Yoga 8

I wasn’t able to attend New York Fashion Week this year in person, but I was able to live stream some of my favorite shows on the MBFW website using the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro. With 15 hours of battery life I could have watched them all day!

Lenovo_Yoga 3 (1)

The YOGA Tablet 2 Pro definitely fits my needs as a Modern Girl on the go, but I’ll admit that sometimes I just want to lounge around on my indoor hammock flipping through Instagram. Thanks to my husband, Doug for catching this fun candid!

Want to learn more about the Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro?  Click here! Or check out the Lenovo Trend Hub!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

History and Luxury at Tiffany’s

Last week I had the pleasure of spending an evening at Tiffany & Co. in Boston to preview their new watch collection, CT60, before it was unveiled to the public.  The collection was named for Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany’s and the man who coined the phrase “in a New York minute”.

The collection is stunning (as expected!) with a cohesiveness steeped in rich history. The inspiration for the collection was the gold watch that Tiffany’s gifted to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945. Upgraded with a new modern design and the finest Swiss craftsmanship, the CT60 collection is a perfect balance of past and present.

Tiffanys_CT60_Watches 7

I viewed the collection with two of my favorite ladies; Noelle of Rue Le Chat and Shauna of Like So Pretty.  We sipped champagne in the private showing room while learning all about Charles Lewis Tiffany, the watch that inspired the collection, and of course, trying on all of the different watches!

The collection features watches in three different sizes 34mm, 40mm, and 42mm and ranges in price from $4,250 to $15,500.  The limited edition 18 karat rose gold calendar watch (only 60 were made worldwide) retails for $19,000, however I am sure they have already sold out!

Tiffanys_CT60_Watches 3
Tiffanys_CT60_Watches 9
Tiffanys_CT60_Watches 5

Each watch subtly pays homage to the famous phrase “In a New York Minute — 60 seconds of pure possibility,” which I was surprised to learn was coined by Tiffany himself. In 1853 Tiffany’s  installed the first public clock, a 9-foot Atlas clock, which sat on the top of his storefront. Many New Yorkers counted on this clock to help keep them on schedule! Today that same clock is displayed at the Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue Flagship store in New York City.

In addition to the CT60 collection, Tiffany’s also released a smaller 3-piece East West collection that “turns the rules of watchmaking on its side” with its sideways rectangular dial. This unique style (starting at $3,500) is perfect for men and women who are looking for a classic, yet unique style!

Tiffanys_CT60_Watches 8
Tiffanys_CT60_Watches 1

After viewing the entire collection, Noelle and I tested out our favorite watches while we finished our champagne. Thank you to Tiffany’s for a lovey evening of luxury, glamour, and history!