Visiting with Mona

Paris2013 (13)

Shirt: James Perse / Skirt: Gap / Scarf: purchased in France
Bag: Longchamp / Sunglasses: Prada

Last time Doug and I visited the Louvre we headed directly towards the Italian paintings in the Denon wing so we could see the Mona Lisa. Probably totally typical and super rookie, but we really wanted to see her!  This past trip we started in the Richlieu wing to see some of the French and English painting and sculptures first. We had a great time!

Paris2013 (5)

But, of course we had a quick visit with Mona before we left in search of a café to rest our weary feet and drink rosé wine. If you every have a chance to visit the Louvre, definitely take advantage of their audio guides. In exchange for your license they will lend you a PS3 (or similar gaming contraption) which will give you background about many of the exhibits and works of art while you wander through the museum. Best part is the “locate me” button — although you can try to navigate yourself via the map, the button activates a GPS that helps you easily find where you are so you can hear about the works of art in the room you’re currently standing in. Especially helpful for people like me who have trouble operating those gaming devices in general!

Musée d’Orsay

Paris2013 (14)

Dress: Forever 21 / Shoes: Tory Burch (old) / Sunglasses: Prada / Bag: Longchamp

It usually takes me a few weeks after a trip to get my photos onto my computer — bonus points for me it’s only been a week!  These pictures were taken the day we visited the Musée d’Orsay, which is in the background of the 2nd photo.  The museum used to be a train station, which I didn’t know about until this visit, but looking at it from far away, it definitely looks like a train station!  The Musée d’Orsay is known for its large Impressionist gallery, which just happens to be my favorite style of painting.  We spent much of the day going up and down the stairs looking at all the different galleries, and then snapping some photos of the Louvre and Sacre Cœeur from the balcony at the top floor.

Paris2013 (20)

Doesn’t it really look like a train station from this view?  I had no idea!

Paris2013 (5)

The gorgeous Sacre Cœur — taken from the balcony of the Museé d’Orsay

Paris2013 (6)

View of the Carousel at the Louvre

More pictures to come soon!


Sometimes when I feel like I’ve been wearing a little too much black, or if I am just in need of some colorful inspiration, I head down to a Farmer’s Market to take in some of the amazing natural colors.  Last weekend while I was in Boston we took a stroll through Haymarket. It was very hectic with so many people, carts, and boxes of fruits and vegetables… but past the chaos was such amazing color!




Definitely feeling color-inspired!  And maybe a little hungry!

Lucite in clear view

Loving Lucite

Clockwise from top left:
Yellow / Studded / Pink Envelope / Peach / Orange / Hot Pink / Silver

I have been eyeing this new “lucite” clutch trend for the past few months.  Not sure if I want to make the plunge! Do I want everyone to know what’s in my clutch?  Should people know what’s in my clutch?  I googled some editorial photos of lucite clutches to see what the pros were doing.  I like these little clear and boxy clutches, as they remind me of little pieces of wearable art.  But it seems like having a see-through clutch forces you to use only your most beautiful things!


A minimalist clear clutch, with just a shiny tube of Chanel lipstick and smartphone!


Perhaps a little risqué to have a chunk of $100 bills in full view?

Are you feeling the lucite clutch trend?

Icicle Towers & Art


When I lived in Beacon Hill, one of my favorite things to do on the weekend was to spend a day at the Museum of Fine Arts.  Sometimes we would go every weekend, wander around in some of the exhibits, have lunch downstairs in the Garden Cafeteria (which always reminds me of eating lunch in the Vatican) and then head home after they kicked us out at 4:45pm.  I don’t live in the city anymore, so I don’t get to go in as often as I’d like.  But once we move back to the city, I hope to find myself at the museum much more often.  Above I am pictured next to the awesome Lime Green Icicle Tower by Chihuly.  It is such a fantastic blown glass piece (I think over 2 stories tall) and is now a permanent fixture at the museum!

There are two temporary exhibits I am just dying to see:

-Cézanne’s The Large Bathers (running until May 12th)
-The Postcard Age: Selections from the Leonard A. Lauder Collection (running until April 15th)

Perhaps I will drive down and go this weekend.  Do you have any weekend plans?