Paris is Bon


While we were wandering around Bryant Park’s Winter Village at night I came across one of the little shops — Pamela Barsky. The (closed) kiosk was full of these cute little canvas pouches with cheeky sayings. I returned the next morning when the shops were open to snatch a few up for myself.  I love this one, Paris is Bon, and its fancier velvet front makes it an easy clutch for a night out.  I also picked up a smaller pouch that says, My lipstick is redder than your lipstick.  Ha!  I’m going to use it to store some of my many, of course, red lipsticks! Check out Pamela Barksy’s Etsy shop to find your own cheeky quotes!

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey (1)

Sweater: Gap (old) / Jeans: J Brand / Boots: Dolce Vita
Hat & Scarf: Lord & Taylor / Glasses: Prada / Lips: Nars Lip Gloss in Norma

Shades of Grey (2)

These Dolce Vita boots are my favorite and have held up well!  The key is making sure not to wear them when its going to be snowy or slushy.  Those days are for rubber boots!  My grey sweater is a few years old but perfectly soft and cozy, especially for a chilly day in the city. I finished off my monochrome look with a cashmere hat & scarf. Cozy cozy!

Shades of Grey (3)

Saturday in the city was my “birthday.” Doug had planned me a birthday weekend back in September, but our moving, weddings, and business trips got in the way.  First stop on Saturday was at the TD Garden — we had our photos taken there on the Bruins’ ice!  Then we headed to the MFA to check out the John Singer Sargent watercolors exhibit and then to the Holiday Market at the French Cultural Center. After dinner in the North End we finished the night back at the Garden for the Bruins vs. Penguins game.  Overall a great belated birthday outing!

Shades of Grey (4)

Freezing in the Public Gardens in my J.Crew cocoon coat. Sorry about the rogue pocket!

The 5 Things Every Modern Girl Needs

There are some things we can live with and others we can live without.  Here’s my list of things that I think (at this moment!) every Modern Girl out there needs to have in her personal “arsenal”.

1) The perfect little black dress


A no brainer, the perfect little black dress should be a key staple in every Modern Girl’s closet.  I think that your preferred silhouette may change overtime, but right now I am loving this draped sheath dress from Ann Taylor. I can dress it up for a wedding (like I did with this Anthro belt) or wear it to work with a blazer. You never know when you’ll need it, so you might as well have it in your closet ready to go!

2) The right shade of red lipstick

I’ve always wanted to be a “red lipstick gal”, but at first I was so clueless and afraid.  I think the key to wearing red lipstick is to know what shades work best for you.  You also need to just get out there and wear it!  At first I just wore it in my house and sometimes when I ran some small errands, then I wore it out to dinner with my husband, and soon I was comfortable wearing it anytime.  When I want an orangey-red lip I wear Red Square by Nars, YSL Sheer Candy #5 for a berry stained lip, and MAC’s Russian Red for a super classic red lip. Of course I make sure to prep with Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish first!

3) An appreciation for… something!


Some people love the ballet, others love the symphony. I love to visit museums.  So much, in fact, that I actually got a Jeopardy question right last night that was on a museum I’ve yet to visit (I know #nerdalert!)  I just cannot wait for this Christmas when my husband and I will take a weekend trip to New York City so I can visit Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring, which will be at the Frick Collection until the end of January. I am SO excited!  Last year during our Christmas trip we toured the Met and I am not so secretly hoping to make this an annual tradition.  Pictured above is a painting from the Louvre in Paris — Eva Prima Pandora by Jean Cousin the Elder.

4) A signature drink


I am most definitely a wine girl and I know what kinds of wine I like–which always depends on 1) the time of year, or 2) what I am eating.  Summertime is usually my time for Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio/Gris and perhaps a Chardonnay if it’s not too “oak-y”.  In cooler temps I lean towards Pinot Noir or a Cabernet Sauvignon if its very chilly and I’m having a steak. If I’m in France, I drink a lot of rosé.  On a rare occasion that I have hard liquor, I like a gin gimlet–just as long as they don’t put it in a martini glass. I hate those.

5) A partner in crime

Doug and Zin

Its so important to have someone in your life you can have fun with and just be yourself and 100% comfortable.  It could be a group of girlfriends, your boyfriend, your dog, your grandma — whoever you feel your best with.  I’m blessed to have two partners in crime; my husband and our bird, Zinnie. The two of them are super cute together and Zin is quite a loud mouth on the Call of Duty microphone.   Zin might be Doug’s Xbox buddy, but he is my work buddy, hanging out on my shoulder while I take my calls in the morning. And anyone who says birds aren’t snuggly clearly didn’t own a bird. Zin has the softest feathers!!

Our Lady // Notre Dame

Paris2013 (12)

Shirt: H&M / Skirt: Gap / Sunglasses: Prada / Bag: Longchamp

In search of the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore, we stumbled upon this cute little park near the Île-de-la-cité. In the sun it had these gorgeous trellises with beautiful magenta flowers, but there were also lots of shady spots to cool off under. We had breakfast (croissants from a local boulangerie) here before consulting the map and finding that we walked in a huge circle right around the bookstore we were looking for.  Of course.

Paris2013 11

Earlier in the week we took a walk through Notre Dame.  Even though we had walked through last year, we still took a moment to visit it again — its so beautiful inside and it was nice to sit down for a moment to admire some of the amazing sculptures and tapestries that are displayed inside.

Le château

Paris2013 (11)

Shirt: Pleione / Skirt: Gap / Sweater: J.Crew
Sunglasses: Prada / Shoes: DV (similar) / Bag: Longchamp

Versailles was one place where I was both amazed and disappointed at the same time.  I was amazed at the opulence of the château and how beautiful (and completely over the top gorgeous and expansive) the gardens were, but I was totally disappointed at how incredibly crowded it was inside.  The rooms and hallways inside of the château are very small and narrow, which made it nearly impossible to walk through and admire all of the wonderful artwork and architecture peacefully. I was constantly being bumped and pushed by other tourists and visitors, especially those who were in a group tour.

A rare, empty hallway (it was sectioned off!)

A rare, empty hallway (it was sectioned off!)

After escaping the claustrophobic’s nightmare that was inside the château, we wandered outside to the gardens. It was absolutely amazing to see not only how enormous they were, but how incredibly constructed/planned/designed they were. The hedges must have been nearly two stories tall and they were surrounded by pristine walkways and beautiful waterways.

Next time we’re in Paris we are definitely heading back to Versailles — not to the château, but to the gardens to rent canoes and bikes!  We didn’t realize until we were ready to head home, but you can tour around the gardens in a bike (or golf cart) or paddle down the waterways in a canoe.  I’ve always wanted to bike in Paris, but the crazy motorists deter me every time.  But biking in a garden seems much safer, so I can’t wait to do this next time!