No Pictures

Sometimes I’m disappointed when its Sunday night at 9pm and I realize that I didn’t take any pictures throughout the entire weekend! But usually a weekend with no pictures means that the weekend was really great.

Friday I went stand up paddle boarding (SUP for all your cool kids) at Lake Gardner with my mother in law and Plum Island Kayak.  The water was so calm and smooth — we had a great time paddling through the entire lake and watching all of the wildlife, including a blue crane and a really cute family of ducks. The lake was so still that at times it looked like glass. Once we were back towards the drop in area, we all practiced some SUP yoga and did some downward dogs on the boards. None of us fell in and it was really pretty neat! We finished off the night with some pink rosé and oysters at Brine.

Sunday I still had the SUP bug so we rented some at Summer Sessions at Jenness Beach in New Hampshire. I won’t lie — it was SO difficult! The only boards they had available were huge and super heavy, so getting them out through the breaking waves and into the water was no easy feat. Then just balancing on the board in the waves was pretty tough too!  Doug and I both fell in multiple times!

But we had so much fun we’ve decided to sell our kayaks for some SUPs instead. I love to kayak, but they are just too heavy for me to lift that we never seem to make it out with them. I’m doing some serious research on my SUP and I’ll probably be paying a few extra bucks for one that is lighter and easier for me to carry and load onto my car. Anyone out there have a recommendation? So far I’ve got my eye on a really nice Angulo Hawaii board.

Hope you have a great week!  I promise to take some pictures soon!

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Custom Made with Anjolee

If theres one thing that this modern girl likes its doing things myself. With today’s innovation and technology, I see no reason why we can’t do things to our liking! When Anjolee contacted me about designing a piece of jewelry I was totally on board.

I thought about what I wanted and needed in my jewelry box I remembered that I had a gorgeous pair of citrine earrings and I never wore them because I had no other jewelry to wear that matched. So I went ahead and started the design process!


I looked at Anjolee’s different offerings and decided a ring would compliment my earrings best.  However, they also offer diamond pendantstennis bracelets, and more! My favorite ring was the five across diamond band, but I chose to customize it by alternating diamonds and citrine stones. I love the finished product — it matches my earrings perfectly, but also looks great on its own as a right hand ring.

This post is sponsored by Anjolee. They provided me with the opportunity to design and customize my own piece of jewelry, but all opinions (and design ideas!) are my own.

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A little modern garden

Doug and I usually plant a huge herb garden in the late spring/early summer that will last us all the way to September. With our busy schedules these past 6 weeks I kept putting it off — thinking that I shouldn’t buy any plants since I wouldn’t be home to water them! This weekend we finally headed over to Home Depots’ nursery and picked up what little was left…  parsley, basil, rosemary, hot peppers and tomato plants.


At the Vintage Bazaar a few weeks ago we purchased some covered grape boxes and we used them to plant our herbs. We have a nosy family of groundhogs living under our deck, so I put our grape box of herbs on top of our table, in hopes that it will keep the groundhogs away!

There’s still time to plant some herbs outside so that the rest of your summer is full of fresh basil pesto and juicy, ripe tomatoes. If you don’t have a grape box, there are some fun planters at Target:

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Dress  / Sweater / Cape
Bag / Hat / Scarf / Boots / Earrings / Tote

Its the most wonderful time of year! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I wasn’t as excited about this year’s sale as I was last year, but after perusing the website and visiting the store over the weekend, I found a few things that I wanted to share with you!

I tried on this windowpane print dress in store and ended up ordering it in my size online. It has a detachable collar and I know it will look super cute with tights and boots this fall! I also loved this sweater with the open back and attached pleats but they didn’t have my size in store or online. Hopefully it comes back in stock before the sale ends! I’m still mulling over the grey cape — its just so cute!!

I have this tote in black and just love the nude color! Its super roomy and is so lightweight. I also love these stone earrings — they are ridiculously affordable and come in five different colors!!!

Nordstrom cardholders can shop the sale until July 17th — and then the sale gets opened to the public. If you’re a cardholder you better start shopping!! For those of you who aren’t card holders, you can still “window shop” the sale and create a wishlist while you wait!

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Venice Beach

AT_White_Crochet_Dress 1
Dress: Ann Taylor c/o / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

On our first full day in Los Angeles we woke up bright and early (thanks Eastern time!) and headed off in search of breakfast burritos and the beach! We stayed in a cute little AirBnB just one block from Venice’s Muscle Beach and spent our mornings drinking coffee and watching the surfers before heading out for the day.

I tried my best to embrace the “windblown” look as the hair dryer in our AirBnB was broken. To add to my hair troubles, we were also renting a Mustang convertible for the week which was super fun to drive, but didn’t help my hair. Thankfully our hotel in San Diego had a hairdryer so my hair was back to normal in a few days!

AT_White_Crochet_Dress 3
AT_White_Crochet_Dress 4
AT_White_Crochet_Dress 5
AT_White_Crochet_Dress 6
AT_White_Crochet_Dress 7

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