Pop of Pink

Pink_Shorts 3
Tank: Madewell / Shorts: J.Crew / Sunglasses: Steve Madden / Wallet: J.Crew

You know how I know its super hot out? I actually will put on a pair of shorts! I’m not a huge fan of shorts — I just don’t think they are really flattering on me, but I do like this pair from J.Crew. The pop of pink really livens up an otherwise simple outfit and with my flowy black tank I wasn’t dying of heat too much as we walked into town for some Tuesday Tacos at Dos Amigos.

Pink_Shorts 1
Pink_Shorts 4

Doug asn’t a huge fan of my sunglasses (and he also cut out of ALL the pictures my cute Jack Rogers jelly sandals!) but when I saw them at Nordstrom and just had to have them! They were quite a steal at under $40 and added a bit of fun to my un-accessorized outfit.  And to really make a statement… they also come in leopard!

Stay cool!

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Sunday Dinner

Sunday_dinner 5

I love a nice, hearty Sunday Dinner in the winter, but in the summer I just have such a hard time pulling myself away from the beach! By the time we make our way off the sand and back home the sun has gone down and we’re super hungry! A quick and easy dinner is what I look for in the summer so I can get something tasty on the table in a flash. Earlier on Sunday morning I headed over to the Newburyport Farmer’s Market to pick up a few items, hoping to have everything ready to go for that night. Here’s what I picked up:

Fresh wild garlic scapes linguini
1 carton of cherry tomatoes
2 chicken breasts
A bunch of kale
Small ball of fresh mozzarella

I left everything in the fridge and headed to the beach! When I got home I threw on a pot of water and hopped into the shower quickly. When I got out I threw in the pasta — only 1.5 – 2 minutes cook time if its fresh! When it was finished I drizzled it with olive oil (so it wouldn’t stick) and left it to cool. I sent Doug outside to grill the two chicken breasts, and since the rest of the dish was so full of flavor we just seasoned them with a little S+P.

Sunday_dinner 1

Inside I prepared the kale. I have a cheat method in the oven to making “sautéed kale” when I don’t want to splatter my stove top with oil. Just tossed in a little olive oil and salt and placed on a cookie sheet inside the oven for a few minutes at 350* until they are wilted. Keep a close eye on it, because you don’t want them to turn into kale chips! I tossed the kale and pasta and set it aside while I sliced up my cherry tomatoes. Just tossed them in after adding some nice color to the dish!

Sunday_dinner 4

Just as the chicken was finishing up on the grill I chopped up my mozzarella. (This I actually picked up at the Joppa Fine Foods store right next to where the Farmer’s Market is — they have a super legit cheese section that looks like it was right out of France!) I always add them right before we eat because if you add them in too soon the warmth from the pasta or chicken might heat them up and make them a little rubbery.

Sunday_dinner 3
Sunday_dinner 2

Don’t forget to pour yourself a little glass of wine to enjoy while you’re cooking! Hope you have a great week!

PS – If you don’t finish it, this pasta dish tastes fantastic cold the next day for lunch! xx

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The White Midi Skirt

AT_White_Skirt 2
Shirt & Skirt: Ann Taylor / Shoes: Peter Pilotto for Target, old (similar)
Sunglasses: Celine / Clutch: K.Slademade / Bracelet: J.Crew Factory

Doug and I recently scouted out a new location in Newburyport for photos — I just loved the rugged backdrop against the fancier heels and skirt. It was also kind of hidden behind a parking lot, so I was able to dodge any funny looks from the visiting tourists!

When I first saw this midi skirt I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. It seemed pretty long!  But once I tried it on I absolutely loved it.  With a jacket and pumps I could dress it up for work, or I could leave it dressed down like I’m wearing here. I also followed this new “French rule” for wearing skirts and heels — flats for skirts above the knee, and heels for skirts below the knee. These Peter Pilotto for Target heels were a total impulse buy a few years back (similar styles here, here and here) and although I don’t wear them often, sometimes with the right outfit they are totally on point.

AT_White_Skirt 6 AT_White_Skirt AT_White_Skirt 10 AT_White_Skirt 7 AT_White_Skirt 3

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Chop Shop

Gift giving can sometimes be super stressful — what do you give someone who really has everything? Every year we wrestle with ideas for Father’s Day and this year we actually came up with something really fun — a cooking class!

We signed up for a private group class at Chop Shop Cooking and got to choose 5 different mini dishes to make.  While we sat at the counter and sipped wine, chef Karen went through each recipe showing us the tips and tricks of the trade.

Chop Shop 2 Chop Shop 1 Chop Shop 3

Our first recipe was a sesame crusted tuna taco with a pineapple salsa and wasabi cream. I was so surprised how quick it was to make! Its definitely a recipe for one of those nights where you don’t have a ton of time to cook dinner.

Chop Shop 5 Chop Shop 7 Chop Shop 6 Chop Shop 8

Another quick meal was coriander spiced salmon with fennel, oranges, and radishes. The homemade dressing was amazing and she used different types of oranges to give the dish some nice color.

Chop Shop 4
Chop Shop 9

We also made Pomegranate Glazed Chicken with Figs and Quinoa, and Jerk Chicken and Peach Skewers with a Roasted Corn and Zucchini Salad!  Everything was so great — I hope that when Doug and I tackle some of these recipes this week they come out as good!

Chop Shop Cooking with Karen
Westport, CT

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Little Black Dress

Black and Turquoise 1

Dress: Express / Earrings: Lisi Lerch via Design Darling / Bag: K.Slademade
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Shoes: TJMaxx (similar)

Happy Friday!  Last weekend Doug and I took a quick trip down to CT and packed as much as we could into the 1.5 days we were home. I picked up this little black dress from Express for my trip to Vegas last month — it was short and swingy, but not too scandalous!

These turquoise tassel earrings are my favorite.  I can’t wear them for more than a few hours (they do start to hurt!), but they are so fun. They also make such a statement that any other accessorizing is pretty easy — and nonexistent!

Black and Turquoise 2 Black and Turquoise 3 Black and Turquoise 5


Have a great weekend!!

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