Tonight I start my first day of sailing lessons! I am not quite sure what made me sign up, but I did! So for the next eight weeks I will be taking lessons with a local yacht club and marina here in  Newburyport.

Maybe I will love it, maybe I will hate it — but come 8:00pm tonight I will certainly have an idea! Do any of you know how to sail?  Let me know!!

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The Vintage Bazaar

Vintage_Bazaar 1

Last weekend I took a drive over to The Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury, MA — an outdoor market that comes to town twice a year!  Per the website they describe it as “Over 175  outdoor ’boutiques’ feature antiques, vintage finds , architectural salvage, rusty junk, repurposed goodness, indie crafts and one-of-a-kind artisans.” They also had a ton of amazing food vendors & food trucks and live music.

Doug and I wandered around the property visiting all of the vendors and came home with a few goodies!  Two repurposed grape crates for our herb garden, a wooden birdhouse with a Panama license place roof, a silver ring made from a vintage spoon, a Turkish towel and a birthday gift for my Dad.  Pretty successful outing I’d say!

Vintage_Bazaar 7
Vintage_Bazaar 2

Shirt: Vince / Skirt: Ann Taylor c/o  / Jacket: GAP / Shoes: Sperry
Necklace: DIY’ed by me / Sunglasses: Ray-ban / Bag: Longchamp

I wore a cute denim skirt from Ann Taylor — I wanted to look nice, but I didn’t want to wear anything that might get dusty or dirty from poking around through tents full of antiques. I also made sure to wear some closed-toed Sperry Topsiders as I know that events like this in open grass fields can sometimes get muddy! My only complaint was that I didn’t bring a canvas tote bag to carry all my smaller purchases in!

Vintage_Bazaar 8

Vintage_Bazaar 3
Vintage_Bazaar 5

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Feeling Sunny in Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 9
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) / Earrings: Lisi Lerch / Clutch: Tory Burch / Shoes: Jack Rogers
Rings: Margaret Elizabeth & Gorjana via Rocksbox / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

For weddings I typically use Rent the Runway, but I lucked out with this sunny yellow Lilly Pulitzer dress at a local consignment shop in Portsmouth, NH. I love buying Lilly on consignment — I can get it for much less than retail and often find prints and styles that have been retired, just like this one!  The dress was a little big, but I cinched it in with an old gold braided belt.

Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 6
Sorry for the wrinkles!  An hour in church will do that to you! :) 
Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 10 Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 5 Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 2
Lilly_Pulitzer_Yellow_Dress 1

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The Kayla Movement


I’ve joined the Kayla Movement! A few weeks ago I purchased a copy of Kayla Itsines Workout Guide and after a few weeks of crazy travel, today is my first official day as a member of #KaylasArmy!

This past winter was pretty rough with me, and a few years of working from home has made me less active and feeling a bit sluggish. My clothes weren’t fitting right anymore and I was no longer feeling good in my own skin.

I needed something to help me get back on track, and after a ton of research I settled on Kayla’s Workout Guides.  Two rounds of two 7-minute circuits plus a mix of HITT and LISS cardio workouts make up the weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.

Here I go!

Image via Kayla Itsines

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Snail Mail

I love to send snail mail. Cards, letters, little packages — I just think that its so nice to get a piece of mail thats not a bill or junk. I know that its better to give than receive, so I’m always sending off little surprises in the mail for friends and family.

Hallmark_Signature_Style 1

I also take my holidays super seriously and can spend hours in the store looking through all of the card racks of Hallmark Signature (my favorite!) for the perfect one.  Not too sappy, not too serious, and with just enough style. Hallmark Signature provides the perfect cards for any occasion — a wedding, baby shower, birthday, or just to say hello. As a modern girl with her own unique style, when I send a card I want it to be a reflection of me and the sentiments I’m trying to send.

Hallmark was sweet enough to send me a few of their new Signature cards — a crazy skull that would be perfect for my brother’s birthday, a pretty sequined card with a blank inside so I can write my own sentiment, and a card thats set up like a book which would be perfect for when you have lots of people signing a card. I sat outside on my patio and wrote up a few nice notes to some friends and family — I hope they are excited when they see them in the mail!

Hallmark_Signature_Style 2


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