Traveling with Cuyana and One Truffle

Just after Christmas I became so obsessed with de-cluttering my life. I donated half my clothes to a nearby family who had suffered loss from a house fire, I tossed about 10 lbs worth of old magazines, and went through every beauty and heath item in my bathroom. I ended up tossing so many things that were old, unused or expired, and re-organzing all of the remaining items.

I was so pleased with how much progress I made that I decided to upgrade my travel toiletry cases. I chose a leather set from Cuyana to hold all my makeup and “dry” items and a One Truffle Clarity Clutch for my liquids.  When I hit “purchase” I made a deal with myself that (with the exception of sunscreen) all of my travel items had to fit  into these cases, or else it had to go.

Cuyana 1 Cuyana 2

I took a good look at my makeup and tossed so many things that I had laying around but never used. Right now I’ve mainly been using Marcelle Gold BB Cream that I discovered through Birchbox, YSL Concealer and YSL Touche Eclat pen, Great Lash Mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow, and MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup.

When I want a little extra eye makeup, I use MAC Eyeshadow in Naked Lunch, Laura Mercier Eye Stick in Amethyst (thanks, Betsy!) and/or Make Up Forever Eyeliner in Black.  Not pictured are a few other lipsticks and lip pencils from YSL and NARS.

One Truffle

Although I leave my Cuyana makeup bag on the counter for everyday use, I leave my One Truffle packed up so I can just toss it right into my suitcase when I travel. Lately I’ve been using Complex15 Face Cream (discontinued! so sad), Bioderma Crealine, and Caudalie Dry Oil for taking care of my skin on the go. I prefer Nuxe Dry Oil for everyday use, but sadly they don’t make a small travel sized bottle!  My travel sized bottle of Bioderma was purchased Paris, and I fill it up from my larger bottle at home.  I always have a body wash packed up (usually a sample from Birchbox!) and I keep refilling my sample size Beauty Protector spray from the larger bottle I own. I always purchase the smaller Jo Malone perfumes since they travel well too. Right now I am obsessed with Wood Sage & Sea Salt, although I also like Nutmeg & Ginger for this time of year.



A few other items that I have in my larger Cuyana case (not pictured) are:

MAC Blush in Fleur Power
Essie Nail Polish in Fiji
Sun Bum Sunscreen
Nars Powder
Nivea Lip Balm
Nars Powder and Eyeshadow Brushes
Vichy Deodorant
Mason Pearson Hairbrush
Mint Rosebud Salve
YSL Rouge Pur Couture #9
twistband Hair Elastics

It feels quite nice to have all of my travel items neatly stored and packed up.  It makes it so much easier to find what I need when I am traveling, and when I get home I can quickly see what I need to refill. I tested out my new travel system while in Atlanta last week and I must say it really made a difference.  I had just what I needed, and a stylish perk was that the cases also looked really nice sitting on the white marble sink at the hotel!

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Picture / Pajama Set / Eye Mask / Lip Balm / Sleep shirt
Candle / Slippers / Dry Oil / Phone Case / Face Masque

I don’t know about you all, but this week I am just tired! I’ve been down in Atlanta for work and I just cannot wait to get home and hop back into my own comfy bed. Winding down before bed is definitely a sacred act for me and there are a few things that I like to do to ensure I have a great night’s sleep.

Comfy pajamas is definitely a must and Eberjey is my favorite brand. Taking a bath with a nice scented candle helps me to unwind, and an overnight facial masque helps my skin repair while I’m sleeping.

Hopefully I will catch some restful zzzz’s tonight!

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Shinique Smith

Shinique_Smith_MFA 2

Last weekend I headed over to the Museum of Fine Arts to check out the Goya exhibit before it closed. (Note to self: go earlier!) Even though I am a member, I always get caught up with life and don’t get to see the exhibits until they are almost gone and end up having to wait in a line.  Anyway, Goya was fabulous and I only had to wait about 15 minutes. After Goya we wandered around some of the other exhibits and stumbled Bright Matter by Shinique Smith, a contemporary artist from Baltimore, MD.

Shinique_Smith_MFA 1 Shinique_Smith_MFA 3

Shinique’s work is quite unique — very colorful, vibrant, and full of life. The installation has over 30 works of art including mixed media paintings, sculptures, full-room installations, and videos.

Shinique_Smith_MFA 4 Shinique_Smith_MFA 6

Head over to the MFA before March 1st to check out Shinique’s work! If you have off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this Monday consider stopping by — museum entry is free for non-members!

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