Daytrip to Santa Barbara

Santa_Barbara 1

Last weekend Doug and I woke up and decided it might be fun to take little trip to Santa Barbara. About 1.5-2 hours north of Los Angeles its not an awful drive, so we just grabbed some coffee and hopped into the car.

Our first stop was just a few miles south of Santa Barbara in a little town called Summerland. We stopped into the  wine tasting room of Summerland Winery, and then popped into a few antique shops before we headed up to Santa Barbara.  And the lovely ladies that worked at Summerland were nice enough to give us some lunch and winery recommendations for the rest of our day so we didn’t even need to plan our trip!

Santa_Barbara 2 Santa_Barbara 3 Santa_Barbara 6 Santa_Barbara 7 Santa_Barbara 8 Santa_Barbara 5 Santa_Barbara 4

Chambray Shirt / White Jeans / Jean Jacket
Earrings from Istanbul (similar) / Bag / Sunglasses / Sandals

We  stopped at a few tasting rooms and had an amazing lunch at Seven Bar & Kitchen. I definitely think that Santa Barbara would be a really amazing weekend trip — we were so preoccupied with the tasting rooms in town that we didn’t really get to spend any time next to the ocean. I’ve been doing a little Air BnB research for some places that will let us bring Zinnie along — hopefully there will be another Santa Barbara trip soon!

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F&F at Shopbop!

Its the most wonderful time of year — the Friends & Family sale at! Head over to Shopbop with the code INTHEFAM to get 25% off almost everything on the site, including sale items!! Lucky guys who shop at get 30% off too! Sale ends midnight on Thursday, so head over there now before its too late. Here are some of my favorite items:


Everyone in Los Angeles is buzzing about Coachella! Even though I won’t be attending this year (we’re going to Vegas!) I still feel myself gravitating towards some festival-chic items like this fringe backpack.

Tortoiseshell shades have always been a classic style, but these sunglasses are upgraded with some blue-green tinted lenses.

I find myself wearing flats more and more these days, but I still want them to look fun! Espadrilles are perfect for summer, and the embroidery on these make them look so luxe.

A flowy maxi dress hides a multitude of things, and can be dressed up with wedges and some jewelry, or dressed down with sandals and a jean jacket. (This is the best jean jacket ever.)

Add a little more Coachella chic into your wardrobe with a turquoise and leather wrap bracelet. The freshwater pearl adds an unexpected feminine touch!

Nothing is better than clean white sneaks. These have a bit of a platform to give you a little height. (Don’t forget to spray them with a scotch-guard spray first to keep them looking their best!)

Every beach day needs a straw tote bag to haul the essentials! This one is super roomy, and would look so cute on the back of my bike!

The only thing better than one ring is having two rings! These stacking rings have a great tribal pattern and can be worn together or separately.

Sweet scallops with a halter neck style top makes for this year’s must have bathing suit. It also comes in other colors — I’m partial to the white!

Don’t forget — the sale ends on Thursday at midnight! Use code INTHEFAM to get 25% off your entire order, including sale items!

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Beauty Obsession Thursday: Facial Mist

My latest beauty obsession is with facial mists and sprays. They are refreshing and have so many uses — hydrating your skin, setting or refreshing your makeup, reducing redness, and more. I’ve been making the rounds trying several different kinds and I bring a new one every time I have to take a long plane ride back east, which seems to be every other week! Here are some of my favorites that I’ve tried, and a few others that are on my list!


Herbivore Botanicals is a brand that I’ve had on my radar for awhile now, and I just recently spotted them in the window of Urban Outfitters in downtown Santa Monica. I love anything rose scented, so I can’t wait to try their Rose Hibiscus Facial Mist. I’ve also been eying their Sea Mist Hair & Body Spray.

A tried and true staple, Evian’s Brumisateur Facial Spray comes in 3 different sizes from TSA friendly to a huge 10oz bottle. I keep the largest size in my refrigerator and pack it with me when I go to the beach. Cools you off without having to go in the ocean! I’m a wimp and never want to go into the chilly water!

Another facial mist I am dying to try is by Vitamin Hydrating Mist by First Aid Beauty. This one is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which sounds like exactly what our skin needs on a long haul flight. I’ll definitely be picking this one up before my next trip.

Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is one of the first facial mists I tried (of course, its French!) and it  has a bit of an astringent in it. Its also packed with tons of essential oils and has a soothing herbal scent to it.

I love Kiehl’s for their lip balm and Creamy Avocado Eye Cream, but I stumbled upon their In-Flight Refreshing Face Mist while at the Orlando Airport. I had 5+ hours ahead of me in the air and thought I’d give it a try. The essential oils in the mist also have natural anti-bacterial properties, which is perfect for that icky recycled air.

Before it became more widely available, I used to stock up on Avène products, including their Thermal Spring Water, every time I went to NYC. I’d spend 45 minutes at Duane Reade scoping out all of the European skincare products! I have a large bottle of Avene on my bathroom vanity and use it to set my makeup before I leave the house.

My newest facial spray is by Mario Badescu. I’ve loved their drying lotions and creams for acne, and picked up this while I was waiting in line at Ulta. This one has soothing aloe and rosewater in it and as a bonus its one of the most affordable sprays!

The third spray that’s on my list to try is by philosophy. The Renewed Hope in a Jar Hydrating Mist contains philosphy’s exclusive skin renewal technology and AHAs that helps your skin to glow from the inside out!

I’ve used La Roche-Posay’s sunscreen for years, and picked up their Thermal Spring Water when I was on my way home for the weekend and forgot my spray at home. Its very similar to Avène and Evian sprays — just plain pure water!

Have you ever tried a facial spray? Are there any must-have facial sprays that I missed on my list? Send me a tweet at @tinewatson or a snap me at @moderngirltine!

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Good Morning!


I have never been a morning person. If you told me a few years ago that one day I’d be living on the west coast and working on an Eastern time zone schedule I would have laughed in your face! But, I suppose you gotta do what you gotta do! Doug, on the other hand, goes into work quite late so I am up early in the morning by myself while the apartment complex is still quiet. My co-workers have been really great in trying not to schedule any super early 6:00am meetings, so I try to take a few minutes every day while booting up my computer to have a little “me time” in the morning.


Coffee is my #1 necessity in the morning, especially since I still struggle to wake up super early. I get up every day and either put on my Le Creuset Kettle to make a carafe of French Press (we have a Bodum press), or if I need to prep for a meeting I’ll turn on the Keurig for a quick cup. Today I wanted to go for a walk around the marina, so I turned on the Keurig and headed out for my walk.

When I came back after 15 mins (it was chilly out!) my coffee was already ready to go and I treated myself to some whole grain waffles with strawberries. Zinnie, who usually has strawberries in the morning, didn’t seem to mind trading his breakfast with me for a piece of banana!

If I’m short I’m time I’ll just have some yogurt, but typically after a weekend (when I’ve just visited the farmer’s markets) I’ll make a green juice with some of my market goodies! One of my favorite green juice recipes is by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere — I just omit the parsley because I don’t like the taste. Depending on what fruit I have handy I may also throw in a few berries just to sweeten it up a bit!

Wayfair_Morning (1)

China / Cutting Board / Mug

I also try to spend a few minutes every morning playing with Zinnie — sometimes he will sit on my shoulder while I make breakfast, other times he’ll fly back to his cage to start eating. Some mornings he will decide he needs to take a shower while I’m rinsing his fruit in the sink, and he’ll crawl down my arm and sit under the water. Its hilarious to watch! I don’t have a video, but you can see a picture here.

Wayfair_Morning 1

When I’m finished with breakfast I head into my “office” to start my day. It’s really just a desk in our guest bedroom, but it gets decent natural light and is away from any other distractions in the apartment. My desk is an antique that I found back in Massachusetts, but its matching chair sadly broke during the move. Luckily, I was able to find an almost identical match to replace it with!

From this point in the day I’m pretty much a busy bee with work — answering emails, joining conference calls, and getting started on my ever-growing to do list. But I’m always thankful for the time I spent on myself in the morning, especially when its 4pm and I’m still sitting at my desk!

How do you spend your mornings? Do you have a must-do morning ritual? Are you an early bird or a late riser? Let me know! Send me a tweet at @tinewatson!

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Blush & Rose


My favorite color has always been pink, but theres something about springtime that really makes me drawn to the pastel blush and rose colors. Even when I’m grocery shopping, I can’t help but pick up a pretty pink bouquet of ranunculus or tulips, and maybe a bottle of rosé wine! And just this weekend I just swapped out my red nail polish for a pretty pastel pink hue. Here are some of my other pink favorites:

Candle | Bag | Bangle | Essie Polish | OPI Polish
Rings | Lip Scrub | Bath Oil | Conditioner | Sunglasses | Clutch

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