A Very Personal Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely readers. As I sit here today writing to you, I can’t help but feel a little disconnected. I have suddenly become extremely overwhelmed with how impersonal our lives have become. Phone calls, handwritten letters, and face-to-face interactions have been replaced with Tweets, emoticons, and Facebook statuses. Call me an old soul, but this realization has really had a profound effect on me.

Although I technically fit in the “millennial” category, I feel blessed to have known what life felt like before Internet and cell phones began to dominate our lives.  I can still recite the home phone numbers of my best friends from childhood and when I got bullied at school I used to call my mom collect at work using a payphone outside the cafeteria at lunch.

While doing a little pre-Christmas indulging on Netflix, I came to the conclusion the other day that I kind of feel the same way as Hugh Grant in the opening scene in Love Actually. You know, where he’s talking about the arrivals terminal at Heathrow?  I’m just a little gloomy with the state of the world.

Don’t get me wrong — I love technology. I’ve purchased flash-sale items on my iPhone from the back seat of a co-worker’s rental car in Florida (without them even knowing!), changed my flight en route to the airport, and watched entire episodes of Mad Men while riding on the Commuter Rail.  But I miss people.

Now, I in no way want to move backwards, I just want to slow down a little.  I want to pick up the <cell> phone instead of sending a quick text.  I want to take the time to send a handwritten note instead of an email.  I want to be a little more personal in a world that is increasingly full of robots and machines.

You may feel the same way that I do, or you may feel differently, and thats OK. But, I figure what is the point of having a blog if you aren’t going to get real and personal sometimes. So, if you feel even a little bit like I do right now, do me a favor and get a little more “personal” this holiday season.  Send a handwritten card.  Give an old friend a call. Make those dinner plans you’ve been putting off for months.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful day full of laughter, love, and joy.

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Rules for the Modern Girl

A modern girl…


Spends 12 hours baking French macarons for Thanksgiving
(and it was totally worth it!)

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Living Room Upgrade with Wayfair

Our living room has made the most dramatic transformation since we purchased our house just over a year ago.  Like many of the other rooms in the house, the living room was pained a very odd color — a pea green with a grey/brown putty trim.  Here is what the room looked like right before we moved in:


Yikes! Definitely some interesting decor to overlook, but it had some great “bones” to work with — a fireplace, bay windows, and gorgeous original hardwood floors.  Our first order of business was repainting the walls to a nice creamy vanilla color that would be a great neutral backdrop.  The room is small, so it was important for me to update the space and make it feel cozy and comfortable without overwhelming it with too much “stuff”.

DSC_0075 (2)
DSC_0042 (2)
DSC_0040 (2)

The finished room is brighter, cozier, and way less cluttered, even in such a small space. After we painted and moved in our furniture, the final touches were provided by Wayfair — a leather cube ottoman that I’ve converted to a side table, and the decorative pillows complete with a French postcard print.

The ottoman was a perfect compliment to our easy chair — I wanted something small that could just be used for a nice candle or glass of wine.  There’s no outlet on that side of the room, so anything taller or bigger, in my opinion, would have looked as if it needed a lamp. The pillows are pretty neutral, but they help brighten up the couches without being too colorful. They also are French themed, which you all know I love!

A great alternative to an ottoman is a floor poof — our Air BnB in Reims, FR had some on the floor and I really liked how they looked!  My in-laws also have a really large ottoman that they use as a coffee table. You can add a bit of color with a throw blanket, and a perfect addition since winter is on its way!

Now that I’ve sparked you decor ideas, head over to Wayfair.com to get 15% off any Pillow, Pouf, or Throw from November 20th through November 24th.  Use the code WFPTP15!

And, of course, I couldn’t help but throw in a picture of our favorite living room resident, Zinnie! Here he is with a beak full of raspberries, one of his favorite foods!

**A few details on our other furniture: Couches are from Jennifer Convertibles, Coffee Table was a fantastic Craigslist find in Boston, Desk is an antique from my husband’s grandfather, and our easy chair and ottoman is from Overstock.

This post was sponsored by Wayfair.com, a brand and company that I truly love! All opinions and purchase choices are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Rules for the Modern Girl. 

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Rules for the Modern Girl

A modern girl…


Manages to stock up on winter berries for holiday decorating — whether she buys them at her local farm, or forages for them in her neighbor’s backyard!

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