Modern Girl’s Toolbox

I know this subject is a far cry from my usual posts about fashion, beauty, and food, but I think its super important! I really don’t think we give ourselves enough credit (myself included) for the things we can do which is why I am challenging each and every one of you to feel empowered to grab that toolbox next time you have a little home improvement issue to tackle.

A perfect example is last week when our roof sprung a leak while Doug was out of town. Guess who poked a hole in the ceiling to drain the water? That’s right! Me! Obviously I am calling a professional ceiling-fixer-upper once spring gets here, but I’ve realized that I’ve lost some of the independence I used to have when it came to troubleshooting these kinds of things. But not anymore, and you don’t have to either!

And just because I think everyone should have their own set of pink tools, I’ve gone ahead and found a few options for every Modern Girl out there.  xx

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Shopbop’s “Big Event”


Bracelet / Sunglasses / Cosmetics Clutch / Stud Earrings / Tassel Earrings
Neon Tote / iPhone cover / Wrap Watch / Passport Cover / Sandals

Big news! Shopbop is having one of their legendary sales! Dubbed as “The Big Event” you can snag all your favorite designer items up to 25% off with the code BIGEVENT15! Sadly, I probably won’t be doing too much shopping (coaching school is expensive!) but here are some of my favorite items from the sale. Hurry! Sale is only on until March 7th and you know its gonna be good!

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I tried…

Winter in Nbpt

I had such high hopes for this weekend. I was going to go to yoga! I was going to take blog photos! I was going to have fun! But it didn’t really work out that way. Instead, I cleaned the kitchen and wore all black since it snowed again and I just wasn’t feeling it. But this week is a new week, right?  I suppose I have a few things to be excited about:

  • I ordered these earrings and they should be arriving this week. Everything in Mackenzie’s shop is just darling!
  • I recorded a new video and it should be up sometime this week! If you missed my first one on my skincare routine you can watch it here!
  • I’ve started the search for the perfect spring trench coat. I’m liking this classic trench from ASOS, but Doug isn’t sold. What do you think?

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