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Travel Nightmare


I recently experienced one of the most awful travel nightmares out there; I got stuck in the middle seat on a delayed airplane for over 5 hours. It was just a perfect storm of everything that could go wrong — I had paid $50 to switch to the earlier flight so I could see my husband for dinner, but the plane got delayed due to bad weather in Boston once we boarded. I was starving, and we sat on that plane for 4 hours before we started to make our way to the runway. I wish I was kidding when I said we then had to turn around for a broken generator.

That day I was supposed to be home at 7:00pm and I had dreams of going to buck-a-shuck at Brine for dinner, but I didn’t make it home until after 2:00 am! And it was a work night! The trip was so awful that I have vowed never to leave the house on a business trip, whether a 1 hour flight or 10 hour flight, without the following important travel items:

External iPhone Battery
My phones were both super low on battery as I had been using them at work all day, and then was trying to check flight statuses and entertain myself while stuck on the plane. It would have been really great to have an external battery to help extend the power in my iPhones!

This sounds silly, but I am never traveling without at least a granola bar and pack of dried apricots ever again! When I got on the plane I was just expecting a 2 hr trip up to Boston! When I landed I’d be going out to dinner with my husband, so I figured the pretzels they hand out would tide me over until dinner. Turns out I had to wait over 5 hours just to purchase one of those on-board snack boxes. Never, ever again!

Neck pillow
By the time we took off I was so tired. I normally only bring my neck pillow on trans-Atlantic or trans-continental flights, but I am seriously considering bringing it on any and all flights! It might have been nice to take a nap during those 5 hours of waiting.

Noise-cancelling earphones
I had some standard iPhone earbuds, but with everyone complaining about the delays, it would have been so nice to just tune them all out. I didn’t want to get sucked into listening to their negative energy.

Anti-bacterial anything
I am not worried about Ebola, but I am most certainly worried about the cold and flu. In hindsight, I really would have liked some kind of anti-bacterial wipe for my seat, arm rests, hands, etc. I’ll definitely be bumping up my Vitamin C intake this week to compensate.

You’ll be sure to find these items in my carry-on next trip, whether for business or pleasure. But first maybe I will just hope I don’t get stuck on any more delayed planes!

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Girl in the Purple Dress

Purple_Dress 1
Dress: no label / Sunglasses: Prada / Bag: Longchamp / Boots: Bass, old (similar)

I saw this dress and just knew it was the perfect dress to wear on my birthday in Paris.  It was a really great day, how could you not love spending your birthday in Paris?! We took our market cooking class, strolled through a flower market, shopped in the Marais, and had a lovely, yet rainy walk home to our apartment. 

Purple_Dress 2 Purple_Dress 3

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Cooking with La Cuisine Paris

La_Cuisine_Paris 18

When planning my trip to Paris I not only enlisted the help of BeFrnch for my packing my suitcase, but also for some real-life French things to do around the city!  Having already visited most of the popular tourist attractions in Paris, I wanted to do something a little more unique, so when Jessica suggested taking a French Market Class with La Cuisine Paris I jumped at the opportunity.

La_Cuisine_Paris 2 La_Cuisine_Paris 3

We started off the class by visiting a local market! We met our chef, Emilie, right outside the Marché Maubert where we did some quick introductions and started to explore the market! Emilie walked us through the market stopping at all the different stalls and explaining to us all the important things to look for when choosing our foods. For example, you should always buy your rabbit whole, and fish should still be “stiff” when you hold it, and the eyes should not be dried out. We settled on white fish with Béarnaise sauce, fingerling potatoes, turnips, onions, and pumpkin squash with a strawberry and pistachio creme dessert.

La_Cuisine_Paris 10 La_Cuisine_Paris 12 La_Cuisine_Paris 13 La_Cuisine_Paris 14

When we got back to the school we tied on our aprons and got to work! We all had jobs to do — prepping the potatoes, chopping and baking the squash, filleting the fish, mixing the pistachio creme, everything!  I volunteered to stuff the potatoes with rosemary and bay leaves while Doug tried his hand at fish filleting.

La_Cuisine_Paris 15

We sat down to enjoy some wine and eat a cheese and salad course while Emilie put some finishing touches on the meals. I’m not fond of cheese, but the group seemed to really love the selection that Emilie picked out. And lucky for her none of use seemed to want to eat the foie gras and she was so happy to take the rest home!

La_Cuisine_Paris 16

Our finished dish looked and tasted amazing! We wrapped the fish in these little aluminum foil packets which helped keep them from drying out in the oven. The turnips were pretty good — and a new vegetable for me as I had never really tried it before!

La_Cuisine_Paris 17

And the dessert…. amazing! I felt bad because I couldn’t really enjoy it since I was so full, but it really was quite amazing. Strawberries, a layer of fresh creme, another layer of pistachio cream, and then topped with pistachio brittle that we made earlier in class. Fantastique!

La Cuisine Paris
80 Quai de l’Hôtel de ville
75004 Paris

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Rules for the Modern Girl

A modern girl…
Day 2 Paris 16
Knows the best rosé is from France
Orders the charcuterie plate for dinner
Knows that calories don’t count when eating a baguette
Considers people watching in Paris an official sport

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